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Mysterious Village From Where Nobody Returns Alive

We hear stories about various haunted places. Some of these haunted places are for real, while there are those structures that have been left abandoned for long.

It is believed that people who visit these places tend to never return. So is the story of a village in Russia, where people are believed to never return alive.

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To get to the depth of this place, there has been a research done by the scientists as well. So, check out for more details on this village from where people are said to never return from the dead!


There Was A Research Done At This Place...

There have been scientists who have done research about this village, where it is believed that no person has returned alive after going there and people also call it the ‘city of the dead'. So, let's check out more about this mysterious place.

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Where Is It Located?

This village is located at an isolated place of Northern Ossetia of Russia and the name of the village is Dargavs. This is a place where only dead people live. This village is located in a place where there are 5 mountains and it has countless huts that are made up of mountain stones.


It Is Known As The City Of The Dead

Even though this village is beautiful, nobody dares to go into this village, as the village has another name ‘City of the Dead', where only dead bodies stay. It is believed that local people keep the dead bodies of their relatives in these huts.


It Has Numerous Undergrounds

Since this village is located between 5 tall mountains, it's tough for people to go to this village. The strange part of this entire dead city is that there are numbers of buildings that have numerous undergrounds. Some buildings of this village even have 4 floors.


It Is A Vast Graveyard

The dead bodies are buried in every floor of these buildings. The more floors a building has, the more the number of dead bodies are stacked up in these buildings. There are around 99 buildings in this village and burying the dead bodies has been a practice since the 16th century.


The Locals Believe...

The locals here have several beliefs about this particular village. They believe that the people who go to those buildings are said to never return alive. Hence, due to this belief, the village never has any tourists visiting the place. And another reason is due to the drastic weather changes that make the visit to this place not a favourable one.


The Weird Belief

A major population of the village believe that the residents during the 18th century used to keep their ill family members in these buildings. They were provided with food and other necessary things from time to time in these buildings. But they had a clause, as the ill were not permitted to go outside till their death.


How Did They Live?

This place is mysterious and adventurous, as people keep researching about this village on a regular basis to find out about the lifestyle of the villagers. According to the researchers, there has been a lot of research done on this village.


The Death Boats!

The Archaeologists are said to have found boats near these graves. According to them, they believe that the dead bodies were buried in a wooden box, which was of the shape of a boat. It was a belief of the past that these boats helped the soul reach heaven and so they were buried in a boat-shaped box.


The Mystery Of The Well

The researchers have also found a well in front of every underground space. It is said that after the dead were buried, the relatives would throw coins in these wells. And if the base of one coin would collide on the other with a sound, the villagers believed the soul of the dead person would reach heaven.

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    Story first published: Saturday, July 22, 2017, 14:43 [IST]
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