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Countries Where You Can Roam Around Naked In Public

Displaying love is not legal in many countries. There are different rules in every country. Be it from kissing in public to even holding hands, it is totally not right in a few countries.

Amidst these rules, you would be shocked to know that there are those countries as well where you can roam around naked in public and it's completely legal!

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This is not a joke, but there are these certainly cool states and countries where dressing down to your birthday suit is totally okay and allowed legally.

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Check out this list and find out if your next destination is any of the following places!



This country's laws do not have any bans and these also do not allow full public nudity, but it is acceptable in certain places within the country. It is officially forbidden in this country to have public sex. A seaside town named Cap D'Agde in France is one of the best nude places in the world, where you can experience public sex with hundreds of swingers right at the beach at certain times of the year.


This country has a well-developed naturist culture with camp sites and hotels. People in this country can roam freely in all the public places naked, as there is no specific law and punishment on public nudity.

The Netherlands

In this country you are allowed to walk on the street naked as long as you are acting normal. There are a few designated specific areas where nude recreation is all legal. This country is also famous for comprehensive sex education, legal prostitution and nude and topless beaches.


Haulover beach of Miami, Florida, is the popular nude beach where one can roam around naked in public places and can feel like heaven. This is one of the best places to be naked and enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature.

United Kingdom

This country has some of the great nude beaches around the world. There are several nudist beaches in this country where you can go nude and it is completely legal.


Nudity is the fundamental right of any individual in this country. The law has legalised people to be nude on a public land that includes any of the beaches, forests, parks and streets. Do not be shocked if you see a couple making out in public, as it is totally legalised too but the couple should have a consent and they need to be of a legal age.


This country's law has allowed public nudity but it is restricted to only some places. The city of Munich has legalised it to strolling freely while being naked and to sunbathe in public spaces that will not be considered an offense. According to the Atlantic Cities, there are six official "Urban Naked Zones" in this place! Sounds interesting, right?

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    Story first published: Friday, July 21, 2017, 11:06 [IST]
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