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Her Condition Is So Rare That It Doesn't Have A Name Yet
There are several unusual conditions that people suffer from and understanding these conditions can be quite a task for the common man. According to medics, a girl in Florida suffers from a rare condition where the doctors are not able to ...
Girl Suffers From A Rare Condition For Which Doctors Have No Name
Idi Amin Is The Most Evil Man In History
There are so many cruel leaders whose stories are nothing less than torture. However, do you know about the world's most cruel man? The details of these leaders can be quite chilling as several incidents reveal a lot about the harsh ...
Man Who Eats 3 Kg Of Mud, Rocks And A Brick Every Day
There are many weird and bizarre things that people tend to eat. From glass pieces to bricks and rocks, some people tend to develop some of the strangest habits of eating. One such is this example of a man who is ...
He Eats 3 Kg Of Mud Rocks And A Brick Every Day
Bizarre Case Of A Man Who Had A Horn Growing From His Penis!
There are many cases of abnormal growths in human bodies that are reported. But this case is quite bizarre and shocking. This is a case of an Indian man who was left with a one-inch-long horn that was growing out at ...
Man Had Horn Growing From His Penis
A Spider Was Found Living In A Pensioner’s Ear!
Watching spiders around can scare many of us, but what would happen if they seem to get real close to you? Sounds weird, right? This is a case of a man who had a spider in his ear, and the strangest ...
A Ritual Where Married Women Stay Naked For 5 Days
There are many unusual practices that people tend to follow during weddings. Some of the rituals are blindly followed while there are those which have a religious meaning behind them. Here, in this article, we reveal to you a bizarre ritual ...
Married Women Stay Naked Here For 5 Days

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