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7 Signs That Will Tell If You Are Living In A Haunted House
Often people do not believe in ghosts and think that it is their mere misconception. However, there are people who claim to have experienced paranormal activities around them or UFOs. There are also people who claim the presence of ghosts in ...
Signs You Are Living In A Haunted House

Mysterious Village From Where Nobody Returns Alive
We hear stories about various haunted places. Some of these haunted places are for real, while there are those structures that have been left abandoned for long. It is believed that people who visit these places tend to never return. So ...
Abandoned Places That Can Mesmerise You
There are uncountable places around the world that have been left unaddressed and unattended to over a period of time. This makes these beautiful places abandoned and there is a little that has been done to save these beautiful places from ...
Stunning Shots Of Abandoned Places That Will Leave You Mesmerised
Most Haunted Objects Of All Time
Scary stuff surely does creep us out. And witnessing about some of the most haunted objects gets even more scary.You May Like To Read: This Brave Acid Victim Sends Out Her Video CV On Social Sites Here, in this article, we are ...
An Abandoned Village Near Jaisalmer: Kuldhara
Knowing about the most haunted places in India is something interesting and we're sure it does give us nightmares as well! There are so many haunted villages in India that could sure make you not want to wander alone. Knowing about ...
Abandoned Village India Most Haunting Story Indian Village
Scariest GIFs You Would Witness!
When you hear the word "scary", it sure gets stuck in your mind and slowly the fear takes over your mind. Though we know that these may be tricks to scare a person, we tend to get scared; and these GIFs, ...
The Most Famous Ghost Towns In The World
Anything that is scary grabs attention immediately. We often have read about the scary places in the world or about the most haunted cities in the world. No matter how many times you come across the names of these cities, it ...
The Most Famous Ghost Towns In The World
This Is The Black Magic Capital Of India
There are many places where you would come across certain creepy stories. Though there are many of us who do not believe in ghosts or spirits, there are a few stories out there that can simply give you chills. Hearing some ...
The Most Haunted Colleges Of India
As we grow up, we are all excited to enjoy our college life. Be it the cool life or the funky attitude that we get into, we just want to enjoy these golden years to the fullest. But with all this ...
The Most Haunted Colleges Of India
What Makes A House Feel Haunted
“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy”- there are lots of controversy regarding Hamlet’s statement to Horatio. It is a debatable issue whether ghosts exist or not, but many people has sensed ...
10 Scariest Places In The World
Do you believe in ghosts and the unexplainable elements around us? I wouldn't wait for the answer as we all know that the answer to that question is unanswerable. The most common thing between all the cultures is the supernatural happenings. ...
Ten Scariest Places In The World
Haunted Toys In The World
Do you love reading or watching haunted stories? Do they capture your attention? The stories that have unfolded since ancient times have always included a toy or a doll as hosts to the spirit world. You might have noticed how these ...
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