An Abandoned Village Near Jaisalmer: Kuldhara

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Knowing about the most haunted places in India is something interesting and we're sure it does give us nightmares as well!

There are so many haunted villages in India that could sure make you not want to wander alone. Knowing about the history behind this can scare you or make you realise if it has been a lie, OR IS IT TRUE!!

Here, in this article, we are about to throw some light on one of the most haunted villages in India called Kuldhara, in the Jaisalmer district, in Rajasthan.

This haunted village has an eerie past and these abandoned images just make us wonder what happened here.

Check the story behind this village...


Where Is It Located?

This is a small village located in the Jaisalmer district. It is located 18 kilometers south-west of the Jaisalmer city. This village community comprised of a total of 85 villages. It was first established in 1291 by the Paliwal Brahmins.


What The Villagers Used To Do?

These villagers were very benevolent and had a very strong business acumen and were also great farmers. These farmers were talented, as they could cultivate water-intensive crops such as wheat in the arid atmospheric condition of the Rajasthan desert!


What Happened To The People Of This Village?

No one lives in this village or in the adjoining 85 villages, as it said to be haunted and cursed. It is believed that all the residents of these villages abandoned their homes on a single night in 1825.


They Vanished On Rakshabandhan

Paliwal Brahmins do not celebrate Rakshabandhan, as this was the day when people abandoned these villages and vanished in thin air. There is no clue or record as to where these villagers went to.


According To Historians...

Certain people claim that a Diwan named Salim Singh of Jaisalmer fell in love with the village chieftain's daughter, as she was extremely beautiful. He found a cheap way to get the chieftain's daughter.


It Continues...

He threatened the villagers that he would tax them as he wished, if he was not allowed to marry the girl of his choice. This was something the villagers were not ready for...


They Vanished...

To maintain the village's pride, honour and self-respect, the villagers decided to leave the place and none of them carried any materialistic stuff along with them. All the 85 villages left together on a single night.

It still remains a mystery as to what happened to the once lively village. Check out the video in which this old man is narrating the story of this haunted village.

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Story first published: Wednesday, December 7, 2016, 16:00 [IST]
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