Why Do Only Women Show Their Privates In Movies

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Have you ever wondered why do they only show a woman's privates in movies and not a man's? There must be some logic behind this practice, right? No matter how erotic or sensual a movie is, you would not get to see a man's privates, unless it has a different rating or is a porn movie.

Why Do Only Women Show Their Privates In Movies

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Here, in this article, we are about to share some of the reasons as to why this is practiced.

From the ratings changing to NC-17 where the audience is restricted to only adults, to the confidence of men playing the roles, there are various other factors because of which men do not show their privates in movies.

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If you are a woman you would definitely feel great after reading this piece. Check out the reasons...


Reason #1

Women's private areas are universally more appealing to people when compared to a man's that looks quite weird. There are only a few people who get turned on seeing a man's private part.


Reason #2

It is not only the straight sex that would get turned on with the very sight of seeing a vagina. Even gays and bisexuals find it to be quite amazing.


Reason #3

It caters to the needs of heterosexual males. Cars, explosions, action, thrill, breasts, female nudity, etc., are some of the things that most of the heterosexual men love to see and this is something that the makers cater to.


Reason #4

It attracts more ticket sales. Men are visual creatures and get easily attracted to naked women. So, it definitely attracts more ticket sales.


Reason #5

Showing nude men can make the movie rating change as NC-17, which backfires in profits, as teens are not allowed to watch these rating movies.


Reason #6

A female body is an art of work and can be shown in a more delicate and artistic way in movies. However, a male's body has very less limits.


Reason #7

A man's physique is taken to be his resume, for example how tall he is, his weight, his build, etc. And men usually are not confident about showing their small-sized male parts, unless it a porn or a NC-17 rated movie.

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