This Man Gets Paid For Getting Laid!

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What better way to enjoy life when your work is all fun? This 60-year-old man is doing just that!

Here is the story of this man who gets paid for having sex with prostitutes. Imagine the life of this man who is still having fun at this age, while he is still doing his job.

This Man Gets Paid For Getting Laid!

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A man named "John", who is 60 years old and is from New York, has an interesting job. All that he needs to do is to expose the world of prostitution and sex workers. He has to go into massage parlors where this network is well established.


While he gets pampered on one end, there are those who make things clear from their end if they are keen on getting dirty with him or if the parlor only works as a massage center and nothing else.

private investigators

He is one of the very few private investigators who is hired in Australia as a "brothel buster".

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His job is a necessity, as the authorities have very less power to access such premises without a court order. Hence, being a fake client makes the work a lot easier.

old man

Moreover his age factor also plays a role, as hardly people can doubt him due to his age.


 his age factor

It is interesting how he gets deep details and accurate information, even when he is distracted on the other side.


Way to go, man! We're sure many men out there would definitely want to try to find a job like this!

 Getting Laid!
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