The Bermuda Triangle Mystery Is Finally Solved!

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Bermuda triangle has been one of the oldest mysteries in the world. After many theories, it looks like the scientists have been able to solve this mystery regarding the Bermuda triangle.

Here, in this article, we are about to throw some light on the latest updates on the Bermuda triangle mystery.
Check out to find out about these interesting facts that will surely amuse you!

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The Bermuda Triangle Mystery – Solved!

For those who are unaware of Bermuda triangle, it is a place on earth where there have been reports that whoever travels to this place, they do not come back and they disappear!

From missing ships to missing planes, this place has always been a mystery, as none of the experts have come up with a conclusion as to why this happens; and today, we think the scientists have finally found out the actual secret of this mysterious place!

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The 'Killer Clouds'

Scientists who have been tracking the weather updates of this place claim that the so-called 'killer clouds' and the weather patterns could be the actual culprits of the missing ships and planes.


The Winds Travel At A Speed Of 170 mph!

Now, this is something really interesting! The scientists claim that the hexagonal clouds that are formed in this place cause the formation of terrifying winds that can easily flip massive planes and ships as well.


The Clouds Are Approximately 20 To 55 Miles In Width

The clouds are generally formed from the western side of the Bermuda triangle, which is said to be quite scary, as most of the clouds have a straight line formation and this is something that is not common!


Waves Created Are As Tall As 45 Feet

With a speed of 170 mph, which is equal to the "Hurricane Katrina", the reports claim that the waves in the sea are as tall as 45 feet in height. We clearly get a picture now as to how scary this place can be!



Therefore, as per the above mentioned points, scientists now have been able to provide possible reasons for the Bermuda Triangle mystery, which was considered as one of the longest unsolved mysteries.

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