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Raped? The Actual Pain Begins After That...

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A person who is raped is all weak and shattered and to prove that they are raped is something even more painful. Have you ever wondered how a rape victim is checked? Or how do they investigate rape cases?

Raped? The Actual Pain Begins After That

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Ever thought what might be the medical processes that the victim has to go through, in order to prove that she was raped?

We all stand by and fight for the right of a rape victim. There are candle light marches and protests done. All this is to support the poor victim who would have faced even a worse lot when they were going through the tests and check-ups.

From standing naked to inserting instruments to being photographed naked, the rape victims almost get "raped again", but only in a virtual way.

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Read to know what are the procedures or medical tests that a rape victim has to undergo, in order to prove that she has been raped.


They Need To Strip...

The victim is supposed to stand on sheets of papers and remove her clothes one by one... All this until she stands naked in front of the doctor.


Substances Are Collected...

Substances like grease, blood stains, semens and much more are collected from the papers, the clothes and the victim's body.


The Body Is Examined Thoroughly...

Ultraviolet light is used to trace the presence of seminal stains. This is done on the lower part of the body of the victim.


Pictures Of Injuries Are Clicked...

Closeup pictures of the injured parts are taken, especially of the lower body parts. Bruises, cuts or suppleness during the struggle will also be closely looked at.


Monitoring The Injuries...

Having a close look at the injuries like the nipple being cut off or hickeys and even bruises using teeth will be checked and noted.


Pubic Hair Is Combed...

The victim is made to stand and the pubic hair is combed to check if any of the hair strands or any foreign materials related to the rapist can be found. In case the victim is dead, at least 15-20 strands are pulled along with the roots for comparison.


Pubic Hair Is Collected...

Generally, the hair on the pubic bone and on the vagina may differ. Hence, samples of these hair strands are carefully collected.


Semen Collection...

Cotton swabs are used to collect semen traces from the vaginal opening and the perineum. If the rape was committed 48 hours before the examination, then it is collected through a glass rod, swab or a spatula to check for the living sperms. And this can be mercilessly painful for the victim further.


End Result...

After being raped and losing everything, a rape victim goes through this sad ordeal. These tests are important to be performed to confirm if the victim is telling the truth or not. The only way to stop a genuine victim from undergoing all this would be to STOP RAPING innocent lives!

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