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This Is How A Prostitute Is Born

Every time you would see a prostitute you would look at them with a dirty stare and would swear a word or two when you would come across them and also question yourself as to why women choose to become prostitutes.

But have you ever wondered what makes a woman actually choose prostitution? Is it something that they willingly choose as a career or are they forced to become one?

Generally, people who are born in slum areas or of a very poor background end up in taking prostitution as a career.

These are the women who have faced the worse from the society and they are always looked down upon. A look into their lives, as to what made these women choose prostitution will surely change your mindset.

Here, in this article, we are about to share the actual story of a woman who became a prostitute out of no where. This is how a prostitute is born!


She Was Born In A Poor Family...

Since her childhood she had seen her dad drink and come home in a sloshed state and hit her mother and never fed her or her siblings well. This story can actually give you an answer to why women choose to become prostitutes.


She Was Married At An Early Age...

She was not given the right to say a "NO" to the drunkard old man with whom her dad had a bet with and lost. Eventually, she was sold to the old drunkard...


She Was Raped Repeatedly...

Every single night was a night of horror to this 12-year-old girl who got scared after sunset, as she knew the beast would attack her and not spare her.


She Got The Courage To Run Away...

Finally, one fine night, she packed her bag and ran out of the house, while the old man laid on their bed. She ran as fast as she could and did not turn to look back.


She Came To The Wrong Lane...

She ran to the wrong lane where prostitutes lived. She woke up to a man's touch who tried to wake her up.


She Revealed Her Truth...

As she was still young, she revealed her story to the stranger who promised to help her. All he did was to take her to a con woman who was running a brothel.


Reality Striked...

She was asked to dress up and stand near a door. The little girl cried, but she was only beaten and sedated. All that she remembered was drunken men forcing their huge bodies on this little soul who could not even fight back.


She Tried Running Away...

Once she came to her senses, her body would feel really weak, and she tried to run away each time from the clutches of the brothel. However, all attempts failed and every single time she cried, more number of men raped her.


Finally, She Accepted The Fact...

She accepted the fact that she could not run away from this. She got paid more every time she agreed to be nice to the beasts who visited her.


This Is Where It All Started...

Her only wish was that she should not have been born into a poor family and wished she never had a dad like that. So, this was a true story of how a prostitute was born. Before judging anyone, know their story!

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