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Psychological Differences Between Male And Female


We all say that men and women are alike especially in a country like India where women have to keep on repeating this. Women say this every time to get the same respect and position as men.

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Women deserve more respect and regard than men for many reasons. There are a lot of mental differences between men and women.

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No men and women can think in a same way as their mental set up is different. Have a look at some of the psychological differences between male and female.



Women communicate better than men. A research shows that the problem solving part in the brain (frontal lobe) present in women is larger than men. So women can sort out the issues and offer solutions for complex problems.



Men work more logically than women. They have logical thinking while as women bring on their emotions in a way and they can't decide properly due to lack of logical thinking. Even if men are not logical they will never express their emotions.


Pain Sensation

It is a common saying that male's brain has more pain tolerance than of women's. However female's brain can increase the tolerance of pain to a larger extent. For an example: during child birth, women tolerate huge pain. As of now no male brain has been shown to tolerate that level of pain.


Emotional Thoughts

Female brain memorises more emotional memories than a male brain. This is because females have more blood flow to their brain. The emotional center in a female's brain is more active. While as men go on working and give themselves a break from emotional thoughts.


Male And Female Chemistry

Women get bonded easily with men while men take a lot of time and get bored easily as the relation grows. If they can't handle it they make it a mess and then back track. While as women keep on sticking to the relation and never quits.


Anger Management

There are many psychological differences between a man and woman. Men are not short tempered but they can't control their anger, while some of the men don't express their anger all the time but can go violent. Most females are short tempered but never become violent.



There is much emotional differences between male and female. Males are strong when it comes to changes. Males adjust better to changing circumstances as compared to females. Women take lot of time and get depressed easily. Rather women try to change the situation that is annoying them.

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