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How To Avoid Being Emotionally Dependent On Your Partner? Here Are 7 Ways We Can Vouch For

As a couple, you may turn to your partner for emotional support and there's nothing wrong with it. In fact, you may expect your partner to listen to you when you are emotionally overwhelmed and it's natural. But problems can arise when you start bothering your partner for emotional support every single time. At first, your partner may not mind this at all, but there could be a time when he/she may feel annoyed and find you clingy.

In this case, it is important that you help yourself to avoid being emotionally dependent on your partner. Now if you are wondering how to make it happen, then we are here to help you out. Scroll down to read more.

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1. Try Spending Time With Your Friends

Spending time with your friends can help you avoid being emotionally dependent on your partner. When you spend most of your time with your partner, it could be possible that you may grow emotionally depend on him/her. Spend some time with your friends and other loved ones, too. You can go for lunch or dinner. In case you feel like talking to someone, you may call someone trustworthy and talk.


2. Learn Some New Skills

Learning a new skill can also help you avoid being emotionally dependent on your partner. When you learn something new, you tend to be busy and this will help you in dealing with your emotions. In fact, you'll utilise your energy in something productive and that will surely make you feel better. At first, you may not realise this, but when you start investing more and more time in learning, you'll become emotionally independent.


3. Avoid Texting Or Calling Your Partner Every Now And Then

If you have this habit of calling and texting your partner all the time, then this can eventually make you emotionally dependent on him/her. We understand that at times you may want to speak to your partner and share your thoughts, feelings and emotions. But instead of calling and/or texting your partner throughout the day, you can focus on doing other things. For example, you may read a book, paint something or practice mindfulness. Also, you can wait for your partner to return home from his/her work. After that, you can talk about what's going on in your mind.


4. Write Down Your Feelings

One of the best ways of controlling your emotions and feelings is to write them down. There could be times when you may become overwhelmed by emotions. During that time, you can make yourself feel better by writing down what you feel. This way you won't have to depend on your partner for emotional support.


5. Develop Some Hobbies

Your hobbies can help you a lot. Recall those times when you used to engage in some meaningful hobbies and enjoyed doing them. Why not take part in them even now? You could develop some new hobbies as well. For example, you may learn to paint or draw. You can also start blogging and video-blogging as a part of your hobby. This way you will be able to save yourself from the emotional outburst.


6. Try Meditation And Reading

Meditation and reading can also help you avoid being emotionally dependent on your partner. Both meditation and reading can help you in focusing your mind on some productive thing. You will be able to keep yourself calm and patient, even during adverse situations. For example, while you are meditating, you let your mind gain positive energy. Similarly, reading can help you see different perspectives and get to now a new stories.

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7. Appreciate Your Efforts

Apart from all the things that you try, do not forget to appreciate your efforts. You can tell yourself that you are proud for taking even baby steps towards not bothering your partner all the time for emotional support. Not only this, but you can also reward yourself. For example, you have tried your best not to run to your partner every now and then, you can give yourself an ice-cream treat.

Story first published: Thursday, May 20, 2021, 12:20 [IST]