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Villagers Did Not Cook Food When This Crocodile Died!
There are several cases of human-animal bonds that will make you feel emotional and one such story is that of a crocodile that died due to natural causes and the entire village mourned its death. Check out the details of the ...
Villagers Mourned The Death Of A Crocodile That Was 130 Years Old
What Are The Emotions That Your Baby Can Feel In The Womb
People have different opinions to share when the question of ‘when life begins' is asked. Some say that it begins the moment the conceptions take place and others say that it happens when the baby is born. But no matter what ...
Intense Relationships Are What Define These Zodiac Signs
How easy is it to express your emotions? Well, in astrology it is revealed that there are zodiac signs who are the best at expressing their feelings. The individuals of these zodiac signs are believed to wear their emotions on their ...
Love Is Not A Feeling Then What Is Love?
Love is not a feeling; then what is love? What do you think it is? What goes in your mind when you think of love? How do you define love? What comes into your mind when someone says I am in ...
Love Is Not A Feeling Then What Is Love
Mental Health: 3 Keys To Emotional Hygiene
Just like personal hygiene is important for maintaining the well-being of your body, emotional hygiene is required to have a functional mind. But what exactly is emotional hygiene? ...
How to Stop Emotional Eating - 5 Simple Steps
Have you tried every way to lose weight but it seems like success eludes you? Do you always find yourself chomping away on a bar of chocolate every day? Are you going through some kind of a trauma or facing unpleasant ...
How To Stop Emotional Eating
Impact Of Suppressed Emotions On Our Health
Suppressing emotions may seem to be a perfect way to deal with the society and help us project ourselves to be truly strong. But how many of us know that it may lead to several negative impacts on our health both ...
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