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Love Is Not A Feeling Then What Is Love?

Love is not a feeling; then what is love? What do you think it is? What goes in your mind when you think of love? How do you define love? What comes into your mind when someone says I am in love?

Love is untamed and wild. Love is everything you don't think it is. Love is a four-letter word and an infinite universe. Love is a unified version of magic inside us. Love is the immortal nature of the soul.

Love is a limitless road where infinity is the end.

Love is the form of a person that we seek. Love is for the blind, deaf, for the ones handicapped in any other way. Love is for the smallest of the beings to the biggest kingdom of the world. Love is between two people and two souls. Love is between octaves of music and chirping of birds.

Love is the meaning of desire and is the nature of the environment. Love is the waves of the sea rushing into our eyes. Love is something we cannot form and cannot destroy. It stands immortal in each soul, in each living being. An insect feels the love in the same way as humans do.

So what is love accordingly?

1. Love Is A Choice

Love is all about your opinions and mind choosing one out of the crowd. It is about falling madly and never getting over it. You cannot control the choice of love. You can control it if you want to but once you fall for someone you lose yourself.

2. Love Is Relaxation

Love is a feeling of relaxation in someone's eyes. Love is all about being lost in someone's soul. It is about relaxing without having any idea of what to do next. It is the virtue of yours complimenting another soul. Love is all about a desire burning inside you. This burns bright when you find someone to lose yourself in. And then you relax the lifetime.

3. Love Is All About Caring

Love is about believing the wants of another and caring about it. Love is all about the miniature smiles on another face. It is the harvest of rich small laughs shared between two persons. Love is a form of care that is unseen and unknown but only felt.

4. Love Has No Name And No Contract

Love is not about staying together with a tag of marriage on it. Love is about residing in each other's souls without the permission of the world around. Love is all about having no name yet having a world out of it. It is about the clarity of motion of feelings that rush when you see your lover.

5. Love Is Involuntary In Nature

Controlling love is not an option as you cannot tame love. It is wild and involuntary in nature. You cannot hold on to love and neither can you decipher the ways of it.

6. Love Is A Drive

Love is a journey of the soul in following the heart, what it wants. It is a drive of emotions.

7. Love Is Not Expectations

Love is not about expecting. It is not about trying to establish a connection of affection by asking for it. It is simple and is all about not having any form of expectation. Love is universal and is not asked for. Love is not given on conditions. It is simply given out of everything that you feel.

8. Love Is The Absence Of Fear

Love is not the fear of losing. It is the absence of any fear within. You can put all emotions on a continuum and one end would be love. After that, it's joy, happiness, contentment, satisfaction, etc., while on the opposite end of the continuum of love comes fear. Other fear-based emotions include jealousy, greed, hatred, and insecurity.

These are the 8 things that say what love actually is. True love and fake are nothing but two sides of love. One side has love and the other doesn't.

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Cheers Lovers!

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 13, 2018, 19:45 [IST]
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