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7 Obvious Signs That Tell You Are Emotionally Drained Out

Not all days are the same. There will be days when things may take a wrong turn than expected. You may not be able to control the consequences and thus, you may feel bad for yourself. But you can certainly control yourself from getting emotionally drained out. We understand that when things become unexpected, you may feel extremely stressed out and may not feel energetic.

You may name your emotional exhaustion as mere tiredness or the need to take a nap but what if it takes a toll on your health? Therefore, we have mentioned down some signs that tell if you are emotionally broken, exhausted or drained out.
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1. You Get Irritated Easily

Do you get irritated easily even at the smallest thing? Are you all the time frowning for no reason? You may find yourself surrounded by negative thoughts and feelings. This shows that you are emotionally drained out and need some time to heal yourself. Otherwise, the inability to fix up the things may make you feel more irritated and you may take your frustrations on others.


2. You Lose Your Control Easily

Losing your control easily every now and then shows there is something wrong with you. Though there will be times when you may get angry at someone due to various reasons. You may lose your control even if someone does a minor mistake. You may scream at the top of your voice and would speak really harsh words. This is because something is bothering you emotionally and therefore, you may not be able to withstand anything which seems unpleasant to you.


3. You Always Feel Tired

One of the signs that you are emotionally drained out is that you always feel mentally exhausted and dizzy. You may want to sleep or stay alone until you feel better. This could be because you are extremely stressed out and can't withstand further emotional suffering. You may sleep for the entire day and still feel exhausted and tired. You may not feel energetic and enthusiastic.


4. You Get Demotivated Quite Easily

One cannot deny that in order to do a particular work, motivation is quite essential. Also, there can be times when one may feel demotivated and thus, won't be able to do the work. But what if you are constantly feeling demotivated or want to give up easily? You may lose faith in yourself and always feel demotivated as you are unable to find something that motivates you. If this is happening with you, then it can be possible that you are emotionally drained out.


5. You Do Not Have Sound Sleep

Though there are some people who may sleep more when they are emotionally broken, others may not be able to sleep properly. There can be times when you may find it difficult to sleep properly during the night. Even after turning and tossing in bed for a long time, you may not be able to have sound sleep. Hundreds of thoughts may be racing throughout your mind and you may fail to control them. No matter how hard you try, the overwhelming feeling won't let you be in peace.


6. You Often Feel Anxious

We may feel anxious about many things and that's normal. But if you are all the time anxious and restless, then there is something wrong with you, for sure. You may get anxious even while doing simple works such as cooking or doing the dishes or cleaning your house. You may become restless just because you forgot to make your bed before leaving for work. This could be because you are emotionally exhausted and stressed. You need to understand that feeling anxious or restless won't help you in fixing up the things.


7. You Often Break Down For No Reason

Do you find yourself breaking down into tears for no reason? Just because you couldn't complete your PPT on time or forgot to put salt in the curry, you started crying. This shows you are emotionally hurt and broken. You may lose the strength to face a challenging situation if you are emotionally broken and drained. You might not be able to stay strong during tough times. Also, at times, you may break down for literally no reason. In such cases, it is better that you seek somebody's help to heal yourself.

There will be times when things may not go as expected but that doesn't mean you are incapable of doing things. Be gentle to yourself and trust your abilities. In case, you will miserable and low, just seek the help of someone whom you trust. Things will get better for sure.

Story first published: Wednesday, May 6, 2020, 18:07 [IST]
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