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How Chemicals Control Your Thoughts And Emotions
You feel good when your partner hugs you and you feel bad when you are abandoned. Why? Well, there are chemicals behind it. In fact, chemicals do play a role in every thought, feeling and action. In fact, schizophrenia can be ...
How Chemicals Control Your Thoughts And Feelings

Regrets That People Have While Dying
We all live for the present and hardly bother about the future and do not think about death, unless we get old! There are many emotions and feelings that a person goes through. Most of these feelings are not usually expressed ...
How Emotions Cause Body Pains
Some pains have purely physiological reasons but sometimes even your moods and emotional states can trigger pain. Seldom do we realise that there is a link between the mind and the body. Also Read: What Is Your Body Type? Out of ...
How Pain Is Linked To Your Emotional State
What A Mother Feels When She Heads To Work?
Motherhood confers upon a woman the responsibility to raise her child well. Motherhood brings with it greater accountability; and it shoves two decades worth of responsibilities into a mother's life. A mother has to willingly accept the role that she has ...
10 Things That Men Should Never Apologise For
‘I am sorry’- the simplest word that can turn every wrong into right within a moment. But there are some things which need more than just a little sorry. For example, you are in bad mood and hurt your dear ones ...
Ten Things Men Should Never Apologise For
How Negative Emotions Harm Your Body
Do you know how emotions affect your body? Well, the logic is pretty simple. The mind and the body are connected. Each affects the other. Say No To That 'Daddy Body' How do emotions harm your body? Well, positive emotions release ...
7 Negative Emotions That Can Ruin Life
Negative emotions will ruin your life. According to psychologists, these are natural and every human has all these negative feelings in their them. But, the duration or the frequency of these sensations changes the whole life. Your life will be miserable ...
Seven Negative Emotions That Can Ruin Life
The Positive Side Of Negative Emotions
Emotions are just emotions. But we have labelled some as positive and some as negative. Of course, we live in a society and we have to confine to the rules of the society and therefore, we might have labelled them as ...
Psychological Differences Between Male And Female
We all say that men and women are alike especially in a country like India where women have to keep on repeating this. Women say this every time to get the same respect and position as men. How We Miss ...
Psychological Differences Between Male And Female
Emotionally Dealing With Miscarriage
About fifteen to twenty percent pregnancies end up with a miscarriage. Better you know that you are not alone and there are many people who will go through this situation. It is true that not many women will speak about this ...
Emotionally Dealing Miscarriage
Emotional Tussle: Ways To Manage It
Emotion is quite often the best thing to happen in a human being. Managing emotions is a life long application and a powerful thing to share and to practice. 1. First of all, express your emotions and deal with them. ...
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