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Impact Of Suppressed Emotions On Our Health

By Sripriya Satish

Suppressing emotions may seem to be a perfect way to deal with the society and help us project ourselves to be truly strong. But how many of us know that it may lead to several negative impacts on our health both physically and emotionally.

Actually expressing oneself in the right way can establish right relationships in the work front as well as other social atmospheres. One may become more productive and efficient if feelings are not controlled.

This article deals with the negative impacts on our physical well being due to suppressed emotions.


Sleep Disorders:

Not expressing emotions can lead to several sleep disorders like insomnia. We may become restless and cannot get the much needed sleep we may require. Want to know the reason?

Well! The brain does not know how to handle the emotions that weren't expressed, alone. It works all night to set right the emotional patterns without your help which causes restless dreams and may cause you to turn and toss about throughout the night.


Feeling Tired:

There can be mental energy drainage due to suppressed emotions as it requires a lot of effort from your side to stay cool! This may automatically lead to physical tiredness and mental fatigue. Clear thinking may also be very difficult to achieve and your ability to reason may reduce.


The Onset Of Several Diseases:

You are likely to become susceptible to various diseases upon withholding your emotions. This is because there is no emotional outlet and the body is put under a lot of stress and pressure. This may have adverse impacts on the endocrine, lymphatic and the immune systems. You may become the victim of several dangerous diseases like cancer.


Gut Health Issues:

Suppressing one's emotions can lead to several gut issues. Well! The reason behind this is that our intestinal tract is closely connected with the brain. When the brain is put under constant pressure by not expressing emotions, it has a severe impact on the gut resulting in nausea, upset stomach, diarrhoea, bloating or constipation.


Leads To Allergies Or Asthma:

When there is no emotional outlet it leads to inflammation of the body sites where emotions are trapped. This is very true when not expressing emotions like sadness or grief which creates inflammatory responses by producing running nose and puffed eyes.

Chronic inflammations due to trapped emotions can lead to deceiving the immune system into thinking that there is a serious problem and might trigger conditions like asthma, chronic chest congestion, coughing and other allergies.



One common skin problem that can be noticed due to suppressed emotions is eczema. This is a condition of hyper inflammation and cannot be cured easily unless the emotional burden is removed.


Heart Ailments:

There is a co-ordination between the way the heart and the brain functions. When the emotions such as anger and grief are trapped the heart may not function coherently and the brain may support this. This may result in heart attacks.


Aggravates Injuries:

Suppressed feelings and emotions may aggravate the injured areas of our body even more. Trapped feelings, especially the negative ones will not allow the healing of the injury at a faster pace unless they are unburdened.

To conclude, suppressing emotions can cause more harm than good to your body. As listed above, it can cause various physical ailments. So, it is necessary to vent out the trapped emotions and unburden them.

Listed below are the various means which can be tried to let out emotions.

  • Listening to therapeutic music
  • Writing in a journal
  • Seeking professional counselling

Life is more beautiful than one can think of! So unburden your emotions to seek a happier life.

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Story first published: Sunday, October 8, 2017, 17:00 [IST]
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