Regrets That People Have While Dying

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We all live for the present and hardly bother about the future and do not think about death, unless we get old!

There are many emotions and feelings that a person goes through. Most of these feelings are not usually expressed by us, these may come out as the last moment confessions of people before they die.

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Here are some of the regrets that people have before dying! These are the words and feelings that they do not wish to acknowledge or even share unless they are dying!

So, check out some of these heart-touching words said by people before dying, or the regrets that people have during their last moments.


"I Wish I Had Lived For Myself More"

This is one of the biggest regrets that people have! Though they wish to live their lives to the fullest, they do not do so due to the pressure from society or for the fear of being tagged wrong!


"I Wish I Stayed In Touch"

These words would break the heart of people who hear these words from their loved ones when they are leaving this world! How tragic is this!


"I Wish I Didn't Work So Hard All Through My Life"

These were the words that would haunt the families of the people who worked hard to just fulfill the needs of their loved ones. We bet, there are many souls who would have wished this at their last moments!

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"I Wish I Didn't Hold Back My Feelings"

Some of the people may definitely get this thought at their last moment. All that they wanted was to keep the peace and not rock the boat, so they settled for repressing their feelings. Sad, isn't it?


"I Wish I Didn't Worry So Much"

We spend a lot of our lives worrying. This lets it take over our lives and we do not get time to concentrate on other important things in life!


"I Wish I Didn't Take My Life For Granted"

These are the regrets by those who have taken life for granted so much and have indulged in drugs and lethal vices. These are the guys who don't appreciate all the little things around them that make up their environment and only end up with regrets.

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Story first published: Monday, January 16, 2017, 10:30 [IST]
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