How Emotions Cause Body Pains

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Some pains have purely physiological reasons but sometimes even your moods and emotional states can trigger pain. Seldom do we realise that there is a link between the mind and the body.

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Out of nowhere, you may get a headache and you pop in a pill to get rid of it. But the root of that headache could be the stress in your office or in your personal life.

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You will be surprised if you realise that some of your pains are actually due to your emotional states. They first start in your head and manifest as pain in the body. If you don't believe, read on...



Sometimes, stress can cause a headache. For such a headache, relaxing will be enough. Simply de-stress to get rid of a stress related headache.


Lower Back Pain

when you run out of money and are worried about it, lower back pain could occur without other reasons.


Shoulder Pain

If you feel as if you are carrying a heavy burden or a responsibility, your shoulders may pain. It could be a symbolic indication that you may need to reduce your burden.


Knee Pain

If your knees are paining without any other obvious reason then it could mean that your ego is the reason. When you lose humility and overestimate yourself and perceive yourself as a super power, you may experience knee pain according to some reports.


Back Pain

If your upper back pains without any obvious reason, it could be because of lack of emotional help or support. If you feel that nobody loves you, this kind of pain could occur.


Elbow Pain

Stiffness in your hands or arms could mean that you are resisting certain natural changes in your overall life. Question yourself and be open to changes.


Neck Pain

If someone has hurt you in some way and if you are unable to forgive that person then it could cause neck pain. In fact, even being unable to forgive yourself for your own mistakes could cause neck pain. So, loving yourself and forgiving others could be a key.


Hand Pain

Pain in your hands could mean that you are avoiding others' company and isolating yourself. Make friends with everyone around and see if your condition improves.

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