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What’s Your Body Type?

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Firstly, let us admit that everybody is unique and it is tough to categorise human beings. But still, basing on measurements, health experts could study and understand how and where fat accumulation could occur in most of us.

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Knowing your body type could help you in two ways. Firstly, you can embrace a workout that suits your body type well. Also, you can be careful with your diet if you know where your fat accumulation occurs. Also, you can embrace your body type and feel good about it.

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No body type is superior and no body type is inferior. Everyone is beautiful and anyone could aim for good health. Many celebrities have proved this to us. The world has seen stunning celebrities in almost all body types. So, irrespective of your body type category, you can look beautiful, stay healthy and fit and feel confident.

Now, let us discuss about the main categories here.

Know Your Body Type


Apple (Triangle Downward)

Women with a bigger bust, (broad shoulders) narrow hips and slim legs belong to the category of apple shape. They own beautiful curves and are a bit heavier at the top. Some of the celebrities in this category are Sonakshi Sinha and Angelina Jolie.


Banana-Straight (Rectangular)

Women who are gifted with plain shapes belong to this category. Generally, their waist size would be just a few inches lesser than hip size or bust size. The variation could be around 6-9 inches. But they can effortlessly pull off the slim look of super models. Anushka Sharma is stunning, right?


Pear or Bell (Triangle Upward)

Women whose hips are broader than shoulders, whose bust is comparatively smaller than the measurement of the hips belong to this category. Though pear-shaped women complain about their smaller bust size, they should be happy that that they have the most beautiful curves around the midsection. Both Ileana and Tamanna have proved this fact.


Hourglass Shape (Triangles Opposing)

Women who are gifted with a narrow waist and almost equal measurements of bust and hips belong to this category. Now, do you know why Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is treated like a goddess by many?


Health Risks

Some medical studies say that apple shaped woman may need to take preventive measures against diabetes. Also, women whose waist is greater than 32 inches may need to be careful about cardiovascular risks.


Fat Accumulation

When fat starts accumulating in your body, your body type becomes more prominent. For example, for apple shaped women, the upper body becomes heavier as fat accumulates more over there. For pear shaped women, the lower part accumulates more fat making their legs look thicker.



Once you know about your body type, ask your gym trainer to tailor make your workouts to suit your body type.

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