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What Happens If You Put Cotton On Your Navel

Some folk remedies may sound strange but they work well. But most of us seldom try them as they may seem very silly.

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For example, some people place garlic under their pillows before sleeping and claim that it can cure many health issues.

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In the same way, have you wondered what happens when you place alcohol-soaked cotton on your navel? Well, this remedy is followed by many to treat cold, flu, cough, abdominal pain and even menstrual pain.


What You'll Need...

In order to try this remedy, you will need: 50% alcohol and some cotton. Firstly, take a piece of cotton and soak it in a teaspoon of alcohol.


How To Try...

Once the cotton ball absorbs enough alcohol, carefully place it on your navel. Cover it with a cloth for sometime.


What It Does...

This remedy will ease your pain. It can ease muscle cramps and reduce aches.


Any Side Effects?

Many sources claim that this remedy doesn't pose any side effects. But you can also talk to your doctor before trying it.


Menstrual Pain

If you are suffering from menstrual pain, gently apply some pressure on the alcohol-soaked cotton piece on your navel.

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