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Best Oils & Remedies To Grow Eyelashes Faster At Home
One of the very demeaning personality traits is having low eyelashes. Being on the face, everyone notices it. If you think the right remedy for thin eyelash is relying on eye cosmetics, then you are wrong. To grow eyelashes at home, ...
Best Oils And Remedies To Grow Eyelashes Faster At Home
Home Remedies To Reduce Body Heat During Pregnancy
The average normal body temperature of a person is around 98.3 degree F. When it comes to a pregnant woman, the body heat increases to a certain extent naturally. It can go up from around 0.5 F to 1 F. Luckily, ...
Why Camphor Oil Is Used In Many Remedies?
Are you wondering what camphor oil is good for? Camphor oil is an extract of camphor tree. One peculiar thing about camphor oil is its strong smell which also gives a healing effect. Since centuries, camphor oil has been used externally ...
Health Benefits Of Camphor Oil
Why Rub Alcohol In Navel For Cold?
In rural areas, where there are no adequate medical facilities, people first try folk remedies. They may not sound rational or seem like logical practices but some reports say that they do work. For example, there is a practice of putting ...
Rubbing Alcohol In Belly Button For Cold
Natural Home Remedies For Inner Thigh Rashes
Cycling, jogging, frequent sex, tight outfits, excessive walking, etc., can be the reasons why you've got inner thigh skin rashes. First timers get too paranoid over the problem of inner thigh rash; however, with certain safe natural home remedies for rashes, ...
What To Do If An Insect Enters The Ear?
An insect in the ear is the biggest torture. It isn't easy to bear the inconvenience. And it happens at least once in a lifetime. Mostly, it could happen to children. Ear is a very sensitive part. The internal parts of ...
What To Do If An Insect Enters The Ear

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