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How To Deal With Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome
Alcohol withdrawal syndrome refers to a range of symptoms that occur when a person suddenly reduces, abstains or discontinues alcohol consumption after being a heavy drinker for a long time. The symptoms of alcohol withdrawal may start as early as two ...
Things To Do And Avoid After Eating High-Cholesterol Foods
Cholesterol has major functions in the human body, from cellular signalling to apoptosis and from improving cell membrane fluidity to acting as a precursor of steroid hormones such as estrogen and testosterone. [1] However, dietary cholesterol is considered the leading cause ...
Everything You Need To Know About Wine Allergy
Wine is a popular alcoholic beverage that people enjoy drinking all around the world. From raising a toast to pairing it with dinner, a glass of wine is perfectly enjoyed and works well with almost everything. Several studies have shown that ...
Everything You Need To Know About Wine Allergy
List Of Foods That Help Manage Drug And Alcohol Cravings
If you think quitting the habit of drinking or using drugs is difficult, you are wrong. Health experts say that after one quits the habit of smoking, alcohol consumption and drug use (minor usage), it is the cravings that cause almost ...
Foods That Help Control Drug And Alcohol Cravings
Why Rub Alcohol On Belly For Cold?
There is really no cure for a cold. But there are certain home remedies and tips that can help manage the condition and provide some relief from the constant sniffling and irritation. There are so many ways, such as drinking hot ...
How Does Alcohol Affect Your Workout?
Let's be honest - drinking alcohol has never been linked to any health benefits. Although some studies have pointed out that moderate consumption of alcohol may help reduce the risk of diabetes and ischemic stroke, alcohol is highly addictive and toxic. ...
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