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What A Mother Feels When She Heads To Work?

Motherhood confers upon a woman the responsibility to raise her child well. Motherhood brings with it greater accountability; and it shoves two decades worth of responsibilities into a mother's life.

A mother has to willingly accept the role that she has got into and has to do personal adjustments that are required in raising her child.

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As a mother, you are required to do manifold jobs, such as from being a home teacher to a coach in training the children in the right way possible.

There is no absolute freedom and peace of mind for working mothers who leave their children behind and head to their work place.

What Are A Working Mother's Emotions

More importantly, their ultimate goal will be to make their children into an independent and productive adult; nonetheless, not many are aware what goes into the thoughts of a mother when she leaves her child to head to work.

Some mothers have no choice but to work, primarily due to certain financial constraints. Stay-at-home moms may enjoy moments of fervent gratitude for being able to be there for their kids.

On the other hand, working mothers face stressful work, financial pressures and an overlaying of guilt for having to leave their children at home or a day-care provider when they should be around with them.

So, have a look at what are the emotions that a working mother goes through when she leaves her baby behind for the sake of work.

What Are A Working Mother's Emotions

Working mothers always wish to be better moms. About 50% of the mothers feel guilty of leaving their children at home and neglecting their needs. They do enjoy the financial and emotional independence that their job provides; nevertheless, they do feel bad that they are not able to witness every moment of their child’s development.

What Are A Working Mother's Emotions

Usually spending too much time at work is the biggest regret mothers have, when they have to miss out on their children's early years.

There is love, regret, joy, anger, etc, which is evidently a part and parcel of parenthood; however, being a mother, you are bound to safeguard your family’s financial security. Most working moms are excited to get back to work after maternity leave ends, yet a part of them does resent it when reality hits.

A mother could be filled with resentment when she has to leave her child and head to work.

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What Are A Working Mother's Emotions

The thought of going to work can make a mother happy; nevertheless, juggling home and work can bring both mental and physical exhaustion.

It is hard for the mother to maintain the lost grip at work, as her thoughts are filled with frustration when she has to leave her child and cannot handle the toddler on her knee when he/she needs her.

Physical Wrench
There are a few women who really wish they don't have to slip to their old identity of being just a stay-at-home mom and miss the luxury of paid leave and the chance to slope off to the gym in the office.

They never want to let go of this opportunity. Yet, there are a few mothers who have regrets, as they consider going to work as a mental and physical wrench.

What Are A Working Mother's Emotions

Constant Worry

Working mothers may feel conflicted when they haven't taken the right decision and still haven’t done activities such as reading a story book to their kid or talking or playing with him/her.

Moreover, having taken the decision to leave her child with a day-care provider during the day can give a nervous feel in the pit of the stomach of every mother when she leaves for work.

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Story first published: Monday, June 13, 2016, 21:00 [IST]
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