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10 Things That Men Should Never Apologise For

By: Debdatta Mazumber
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‘I am sorry’- the simplest word that can turn every wrong into right within a moment. But there are some things which need more than just a little sorry. For example, you are in bad mood and hurt your dear ones for nothing by using bad words. You will feel ashamed afterwards. If you say sorry with extra care, say, over a scoop of ice-cream, your apology will be granted happily.

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But there are also some issues where you have to stand by your own point. You never need to say sorry over such matters. Many men apologise to their wives or girlfriends to keep the peace in relationship. But why is it you always? If you do anything wrong, then it’s OK to apologise. Otherwise, you should try to clear your point. What are the things that you should not apologise for?

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Picking 10 things men should never apologise for is not that difficult. There are incidents in your daily life where you should never express your regret. Remember, if you say sorry at every matter, your partner may take you to be weak. Try to establish your point if she argues with you. She will find you to be a man of strong personality. So, what are the 10 things men should never apologise for?


1. Not Showing Emotional Outburst

Things that you should not apologise for must include this one. Men are known for not showing emotional outbursts. That doesn't mean you don't feel the misery of the situation. So, if anyone blames you that you're heartless, let them do so. Don't feel sorry for it.


2. Making Short Conversation over Telephone

You have to pay bills so there is nothing

shameful if you cut short your conversation over telephone. Maybe you're not willing to make long discussion over phones. So, state it clearly that phones are not for gossiping and romance.


3. Not Being Extravagant

Definitely, this is one of the most important points among 10 things men should never apologise for. It takes much effort to earn money, whether you earn it or anyone else. Why to spend it all on petty matters? If people don't understand it that's their fault.


4. For Telling the Truth

Never say sorry to tell truth to your partner. She may ask you about her dress or looks. Tell her how you really feel. That will give her chance to improve. If she gets annoyed, try to make her realize your point.


5. For Saying No

If you are looking for things that you should not apologise for, think about this. There will be moments where you try to please others by showing your consent when you don't want to. But it's absolutely alright if you say a polite ‘no' to it. It is always about being yourself.


6. Spending Some Alone Time

Every person needs some time with themselves. Men are not an exception to that. It is not always possible to cling to your family, friends or partner. So, if someone is not respecting your for what men should never apologise forpersonal space, that's their problem. You don't need to regret.


7. Trying Something New

this is also one among 10 things men should never apologise for. If you're a man of adventure, you'll try new things like food and apparels. You can make mistakes in that case, but never back off from your true self.


8. Wanting A Guy’s Time

Boys always like to hang out with other boys. There is nothing bad in it. You can have night outs with guys. But often girlfriends or wives don't want them to do such fun. Why so? Go on with your plans and there is nothing to be sorry about it.


9. Being Messy

Is it right to be messy? Now, you can't be right always. Your room, your wish. Spending a day or two in complete disorder won't make the sky fall on you. But don't try it for very long.


10. Not Sharing TV Remote

What are more about 10 things men should never apologise for? You have the World Cup final match and your wife has some dance realty show to watch. There is no harm in hiding the remote. After all, the sixes are catchier than those awkward dance moves.

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Story first published: Saturday, September 26, 2015, 10:03 [IST]
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