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10 Foods That Help Manage Anger
How many times has it been that your anger has hurt someone? Many a times, isn't it? Anger is a deadly emotion that is difficult to react to, understand and most importantly bring under control. It is sometimes easy to understand ...
How To Talk To Your Wife When You Are Stressed Up
The success of marriage doesn't solely depend upon how well you satisfy her in bed. It depends more on how well you and your wife solve burning issues. Firstly, as a man, you will score well with women when you display ...
How To Talk To Your Wife
Can Negative Thoughts Cause Cancer?
Who wouldn't be scared at the thought of one of the deadliest diseases known to man - cancer! Did you know that negative thinking and pessimistic emotions may cause cancer? Well, we may have read or heard people tell us that ...
How To Tell If You Have Borderline Personality Disorder?
The human psyche is extremely complicated, so we need to keep a close eye on how our mind works to recognise the signs of certain mental ailments, such as borderline personality disorder. Many of us would already know about common mental ...
Borderline Personality Disorder Signs
What Your Waking Times Say About Your Health
Like the clock on your wall, you also have a body clock that tracks time. So, your body knows the time without using a real clock. That biological clock plays a role in letting you sleep and wake up after some ...
The Negative Effects Of Anger On Health
Anger is destructive; not just because it causes violence but because it slowly kills the person who is angry. All of us do get angry at some point in life but the fact is: it can seriously damage your health. 10 ...
Negative Effects Of Anger On Health
Simple And Interesting Things To Calm Your Anger
Anger is an outburst of emotions that must be controlled on time. If anger is not controlled on time then it causes many health issues such as high blood pressure, increased heart rate and even stroke. All people somehow are ...
Things To Avoid When Angry
Anger is a normal human emotion, which may be a reaction to some unpleasant feelings. Some people handle their anger well while others are unable to do so. Excessive anger can jeopardise your healthy relation if you can't control it on ...
Things To Avoid When Angry
Psychological Differences Between Male And Female
We all say that men and women are alike especially in a country like India where women have to keep on repeating this. Women say this every time to get the same respect and position as men. How We Miss ...
7 Things Girls Do When They Are Upset
We all get upset one time or the other. It might be rational or irrational, but at that moment, it doesn't really matter. The reason, whatsoever, is of minuscule importance. How we react to the problem at hand varies from person ...
Seven Things Girls Do When They Are Upset
6 Foods To Control Your Anger
All of us experience anger occasionally but what if we experience this human emotion all the time? Well, our relationships would go for a toss. Human beings feel anger when they get scared, hurt or terribly disappointed. It is a natural ...
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