How To Talk To Your Wife When You Are Stressed Up

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The success of marriage doesn't solely depend upon how well you satisfy her in bed. It depends more on how well you and your wife solve burning issues.

Firstly, as a man, you will score well with women when you display a calm, composed and patient outlook even during times of stress.

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It is very easy to lose patience and temper when you are stressed up. But just try to respond with respect even during times of stress. Your wife will love you more. Read on...


Be Specific

Don't expect her to read your mind. Define your issues with the right words. Make her understand your feelings.


Say Very Less

When you are stressed up, you might end up saying negative things if you talk more. So, say very less and try to use your mouth only to communicate the issue; not to utter bad words.

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Talk only about the current issue; don't dig the past. Don't threaten her if she doesn't listen to you.


Avoid Criticism

Avoid blame games. Don't pass comments. Your goal is to talk about a problem; not blame anyone.

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If She Criticises You...

Listen carefully and attentively. Control anger and fear. She is your wife and so she has seen your ugly side. So, she might criticise. If you too indulge in criticism, the war will never end. Silently listen.


Don't Interrupt

When she's busy saying things, don't stop her flow. Pay attention; let her vent out her frustration.

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Don't Advise

Your male ego might make you give advices. Don't do that especially when you are stressed up. She won't take all that.

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Patience Wins

Many studies show that a person who is patient and silent through an argument is the winner because the person who loses temper will eventually say sorry to the patient one. So, be patient. She might come back and hug you later.


The Actual Goal

The purpose of talking is communication. The purpose isn't violence or abuse. So, measure your words or be silent. Once your stress levels come down, the world will look more beautiful.

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Story first published: Thursday, January 19, 2017, 16:50 [IST]
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