How To Know If Your Partner Is Lying?

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It hurts when you realise that your partner is telling lies or hiding something form you. And if he or she is hiding a dirty secret, you might get upset.

Though trust is very important in any relationship, blindly trusting your partner may keep you in darkness for too long. And one fine day, you may feel cheated.

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Thats is why it is good to know how to detect when your partner is telling a lie. Are you wondering how to do that? Well, read on to know....


Sign #1

Generally, when a person is telling a lie he or she may change the voice into high pitch. They tend to do this to make you believe that what they are saying is truth. They try to display fake confidence.


Sign #2

But when you keep an expression of disbelief he or she may start stammering and stuttering. Especially, when your partner is asked about whereabouts at a particular time, he or she might stammer. Ex: "I...I...I was in the at that time"

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Sign #3

Liars generally exaggerate. In an attempt to make you believe their story, they make small things big in their stories. Ex: "It was raining heavily. Suddenly a car almost ran over me. I escaped and managed to come home safely. That's why I'm late, honey".


Sign #4

When you try to raise doubts, your partner may turn offensive. They may start shouting at you for no reason. That is nothing but the tension of getting caught turning into anger. Ex: "How many times should I explain myself? Yes, it rained and that's why I'm late. Now, leave me alone".

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Sign #5

Your partner may also try to divert your mind by changing topic. Ex: "By the way, how was your day, honey? Did you pay my telephone bill? When are your parents coming? I really miss them.."


Sign #6

Physical symptoms are sweating, trembling, biting nails and showing restlessness. Different people behave differently when telling a lie. In fact, some people keep themselves very cool even in such situations.

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Sign #7

Your partner might hesitate to maintain eye-contact. He or she tries to close the topic fast and move on to something else.

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Story first published: Thursday, January 19, 2017, 11:20 [IST]
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