The Heart-Breaking Story Of A Woman Who Was Locked For 20 Long Years!

We all have certain dreams and goals in life. When we think of love and wedding, there is no better feeling of being in love and with the person whom we truly want in our life!

Sita was one such girl who dreamed of falling in love and getting married to the man of her dreams.

But what happened to her that she was locked in a dark room for 20 long years? Her family had done this heartless thing to her and this is the society that we live in!

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Check out on the heart-wrenching story of Sita, the girl who was locked in a room for 20 long years.

Woman locked in room for 20 years, rescued by Goa Police | Oneindia News

She Dreamt Big…

Sita dreamt of a good life, just like any other 20 year old. She was in her 2nd year of graduation when she fell in love with a man who used to follow her since 3 long years. She knew that the man loved her truly, as he followed her to every place that she visited. He tried talking to her and Sita avoided him for years, unless she finally fell into the trap for him.

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She Felt It Was A Beautiful Life!

Sita felt everything in her life was just perfect, where she found the love of her life and had her family and friends by her side. She did not wish anything more than this, until the reality seeped in.

He Was Of A Different Religion…

The man of her dreams was of a different religion and when she wanted to disclose this to her parents, they denied the relationship. Her dream world crashed down with a single "NO"! After all, the love she had for her dream man was strong and she decided to flee her house.

She Fled From Her House…

She ran away from her house, as she felt this was the best way that she could stay with the man of her dreams. However, one day, she realized she was not the only woman in his life, as the man was already married and even had a kid!

She Returned Home Within 15 Days Of Her Wedding…

She got back home the moment she got to know the truth. She expected her parents to forgive her and wanted to start a fresh life. But the parents were stern on not letting go of what had happened to their family.

She Was Locked!

She was confined in a dark room. Initially, she thought that this was just a phase, unless, days turned into weeks and weeks into months, and then months to years! All this because her parents did not like what Sita had done to them! She was served food from the window.

Until One Fine Day…

On a fine day, when the new neighbour peeped into their house after they got the stench they realised that a weak, skinny girl was sitting in a corner of the room. She was all naked. The rescue team arrived and saved her life.

On The Present Day…

She is still recovering from what her own parents have done to her. This is one such case where she was rescued; however, there are many more such heart-breaking cases, where the girls have even died and the world does not even get to know about them.

Is this called justice? Why are innocent lives taken to task each day in the name of society? Well, let's just hope this comes to an end soon and each person will be given the freedom to live the way he/she wants.

What's your take on this? Do share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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