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My Story: My Entire Married Life Was One Long Rape

This piece of writing is the story of a girl with a hurt soul who shared her inputs with the author and here's what she has to say.

This is my story that every girl, who has been married to a stranger, can relate to. I wish to share my experience of how lively and happy I was when I got my graduation results.

My life's goals were perfect, as I wished to pursue my post-graduation in one of the top institutes of India as a fashion designer.

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I had a surprise waiting at home (by my mum) when I reached home, as she had selected a boy for me whom I'd be soon married to. This was the turning point in my life, as I realised that I could not dream of spreading my wings and be a free-bird, since I was bound by the pressure from my family and they by the norms of the society.


I Finally Got Married Without Any Choice!

I got married with no choice and since then, my life has been nothing but a nightmare. My husband, who was a well-settled businessman, was 8 years elder to me and did not let me take a breath the moment the doors closed on our fight night.

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Everything Was Awkward Initially!

Studying in the top-most college, I was liberal and wished he spent sometime in knowing me, instead of springing on me and forcing on me, which in every sense is termed RAPE.


I Resisted…

I cried to him and begged him to stop, as I was in pain; however, he misunderstood (or rather ignored) it to be moaning of pleasure. I hated everything he did to me that very night. I do not even remember when I cried myself to sleep.


I Woke Up To Find The Beast Ready For Another Session Of Rape…

I had slept on the corner of the room and woke up when he tapped my shoulder. He said he wanted me on the bed. I cursed my family for spoiling my life and getting me married to a beast. The ordeal continued for every single day that I was with him.


When I Visited My Parents

I was asked to adjust when I told my mom about the ordeal. She told me this was my new life that I needed to adjust to and understand that he is my caretaker for life. These words of my mum made me realise that I could no longer be under the care of such a beast atleast.


I Rebelled Every Single Time…

I knew my battle was something that I needed to fight all by myself and none would support. I retaliated for every single touch of his and the more I did, the more he abused and raped me.


I Recorded My Own Abuse…

I knew I had to come out of this abuse, as I did not wish to lead a helpless life this way and, on a fine day, I started recording my own abuse, which I shared with my friend who came to my rescue.


I Am Glad I Did It!

I am glad that my friend gave me the courage to go ahead and file a case against my husband, as I had saved enough proof to show to the world of the abuse that I'd underwent for 6 months of the marriage I was in.


I Am Currently Pursuing My Left Dream…

Now that he has been put behind the bars and the case is going on, I am still recovering from the abuse and torture that I went through and am currently pursuing my dream, which I wished to complete before my wedding.


My Advice To Women Out There…

STOP taking the pain men give and realise that women are not the weaker sex and hence it is not okay for us to undergo such abuses! Don't be a silent sufferer.


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