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The Day She Killed Her Rapist

When a man touches a little kid in an inappropriate way, the innocence is lost and there would be something really bad in store for the kid who is still learning things.

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This is the story of a young woman who was raped by her own dad's friend for over years. She bared all the torture and shame, unless she decided to kill him one fine day, as he wanted to do the same thing with her younger sister.

Find out more about the story of a girl who killed the man for good, but was later sentenced to life imprisonment, all because she killed her rapist!

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Read on to know more.


She Was An Innocent 17-Year-Old Girl…

She was 17 years old and was studying when her father's friend used to often visit their house regarding some work. Everything was perfect, but little did the family members know that the man had bad intentions about her.


He Found Her Alone At Home…

He knew what time the girl would be alone at home and hence took advantage of it, as he visited her house on a fateful day and forced his entry into the house. She insisted him to go back, as her dad was not around, but the man knew what he wanted...


He Pounced On Her…

Without a second thought, he pounced on her and raped her. She was shaken and yet to come to terms with it. He even scared her by showing the video he had made of hers while raping her and hence she was scared and didn't utter a word.


It Continued…

He would click nude pictures of her every time he raped her. He knew she was his soft target, as she could not resist the rape. This continued for 4 long years and yet the girl did not have the courage to muster out the fact to her family members...


Until One Fine Day…

He would rape her every given moment he found her alone. Until one fine day, her younger sister had returned from hostel for her vacation. He saw how pretty she was and he wanted to do the same thing even with her and told the girl to make sure she makes her sister agree to sleep with him.


The Sisters Decided To Kill Him…

She confessed her ordeal to her sister and they decided to kill him, as they did not wish for such a man to be alive on earth. They plotted a plan and invited him and agreed to sleep with him. This is when the girl killed him by hitting him with a rod and when he was still alive and unconscious, she chopped him into pieces.


She Was Sentenced For Life

After she murdered him, she handed herself to the cops and admitted for killing her rapist. The judgement was made and she is still serving her life sentence.

Do you think this is justice? Do share your thoughts on this in the comment section below.

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Story first published: Wednesday, March 29, 2017, 11:00 [IST]
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