Story Of A Man Who Became A Rapist

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With the rise in rape cases, people tend to get furious having a look at the ugly faces coming up. But a little do we know what makes a man become a rapist!

This is the story of a man who has been convicted of raping 2 innocent girls and murdering a girl. He is currently serving his term in an Indian jail.

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Story Of A Man Who Became A Rapist

Check out the consequences that turned this man into a beast and what made him do all this crime while he never felt guilty for any of the things he did.

With every word you would have been reading until now, for sure your blood would have boiled, but here's the story that conveys why this man actually turned into the beast that he is. Read the story of this man who became a rapist and what made him do so...

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How Old Is He?

This 28-year-old guy who has been serving his sentence for raping two innocent girls in his neighbourhood has also been accused of murdering a girl who denied his advances as well.


Where Is He From?

He was a little kid when he became friends with the gangsters of his lane. Being around with these notorious people, he felt he had the power to control the world under him.


Drugs Did The Trick...

Possessing weapons and drugs are considered as pride for the gangsters. They think getting high and thrashing innocent people and raping them is their birth right. During this time, he met a girl who denied his advances.


It Took Only Seconds For Him To Turn Into A Beast...

When you are a gangster and are denied of anything, the only way out is turn a rebel and that is what he did. He kidnapped the girl and raped the girl for over two weeks.

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He Let His Gang Members Rape Her...

He started enjoying the cries of the poor girl. It gave him more kick every time the girl begged him to be spared. Once he was tired, he let other members rape the girl.


She Bled To Death...

Just the way he had turned into a beast, his gang members also lost it and kept raping the girl, until she finally died due to bleeding. Worse was one of the gang members raped her for hours even when the girl was lying dead.


Porn Took Charge...

Now that the girl was dead, these men enjoyed watching porn and enjoyed gay acts. This continued for a short while until he found 2 girls in his neighbourhood to be home alone during the day.


It Took No Time For Him...

Since he had lost his mind against pleasure and ecstasy of drugs, he felt women were weak and the pleasure of forcing himself on them just gave him a high. Hence, the little girls were his easy victims. He did not waste time in raping the girls.

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Does He Even Regret?

Once he was arrested, he was put in rehab and is still serving his jail term. He is currently sober and has realised what wrong he had done in his life.


He Wants To Come Out As A Clean Man...

He wishes to lead a normal life and do good things to the society, as he is guilty of his crime.


We Wish He Had Realised This When He Was A Teen...

If he had given up on drugs and the bad company while he had turned into a gangster, he would have been leading a regular life, just the way others are. Guidance is something that is really important for a person to lead a life on the right path.

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