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My Story: He Raped His Wife's Sister & Married Her

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The word "rape" tires most of us, along with making us furious and agitated when we come across this term. This is because we are sick and tired of hearing this term and feel helpless, as there are so many rape cases around that seem to come to our notice every given minute!

This is a true story of a man named Rehman who married his childhood sweetheart. He was known to be the most soft-spoken man in town and read to know how he turned out to be the monster of the entire village, as he raped his own sister-in-law who was just 14 years old!

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This is something that happens most often but is not reported to the media, as people fear that their family status will get lowered down and hence they prefer to remain silent about any issue, especially if it's an issue that concerns their daughters.

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Check out on what happened to this little girl when her brother-in-law raped her repeatedly for years!!


He Married 5 Years Back!

He was 22 when he married his childhood sweetheart and everything was perfect. By their first anniversary, the couple were blessed with a pair of twins. The wife was too young and needed somebody to help her in raising the babies.


Neha Was Just 14 Years Old

Alia called in her younger sister to stay with them, as she could not handle and raise the kids on her own. Neha was just 14 years old and she loved kids, hence agreed to take care of the babies.


His Wife Was Busy With The Babies

Every time he tried to make love with his wife, she gave him reasons about being tired and as a result, he was all frustrated and this is when he found Neha as an easy prey.


He Raped Her…

The moment he got a chance, he grabbed her and raped her while she was just 14. When she resisted, he told her she is his future wife and raped her for 3 years. His wife was aware of it yet she did nothing, as she was scared of his furious nature.


On A Fine Day, He Married Her...

After raping her for 3 long years, he got married to her. In this span, she did try to escape from the prisoned home, but every time he would get to know and the result was to physically hurt her.


She Was A Dead Doll!

With the mental and physical torture she went through, she had turned into a dead doll who was alive for no aim. Until one fine day, she decided to pen down her life's trauma before she hanged herself.

This is something that happens to many girls and many cases are not even reported. Do share your thoughts and comments on this in the comment section below...

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