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How To Achieve Work Life Balance: 21 Tips That Will Come Handy

When it comes to balancing your life between pressing demands of your job and meeting family responsibilities, it looks like an impossible feat and feels harder to do than ever before. We all try to secure our positions by taking heavy workloads and meeting stringent deadlines and yet the fear of losing jobs, getting cutbacks never goes away. Further, the global recession worldwide is making it worse.

What we need to ask ourselves that at the end of the day whether we are happy spending endless hours in the office or spending time with our loved ones, travelling with them and enjoying quality time will make our lives content and joyful? Favouring the former and not the later will not only create stress, but will create a negative impact on a person's mental and physical health. We have curated few tips that you can use to bring back balance in your life.

21 Tips That Will Come Handy If You Are Planning To Achieve Work-Life Balance

1. Note down in a book how many hours you spend on work, how many on rest, how many hours you sleep, and how long do you put tasks on hold.
2. Say a firm no if you think the work time is spilling over into your rest time. If work outweighs rest, and you are totally into work, say a firm no.
3. Do not be Ms. Perfectionist. Do not be have far reaching goals which you cannot reach. Do not stretch beyond your limits. Do not try to multitask
4. Multitasking scatters your attention in all directions and never lets you focus on one job completely to get it done near perfectly. Our human brains are wired to take one thing at a time.
5. Prioritize your activities and see what needs to be done immediately and which task can come later. This way, you will be completing what has to be completed during the course of the day and let the relatively unimportant tasks take the backseat. Do heavier and most important tasks in the morning when you are full of energy and keep the not so important jobs for the end of the day. Tick the tasks you have completed on the to do list.
8. Out of all the activities we carry out every day, some of them turn out to be really rejuvenating. Set a particular time of the day to rejuvenate, by meditating, music, writing, painting, or anything that helps you unwind.
9. Delegate those tasks which you are not particularly good at and take up only those for which you have a flair. Focus on your strengths and do not waste time in strengthening yourself in the weak areas.
10. A break once every three hours relaxes your nerves. Spend that me time in doing something you really love. But coffee breaks are not that good as they affect your health.
11. Focus on preserving your health as well. If you are overworked, you will burn out. A vicious cycle, but has to be wisely managed. Exercise walk and yoga are best for getting refreshed again mind body and soul.
12. Keep your desk decluttered as a clean working space ensures a continuous flow of creativity and brain functions. Do not neglect your personal appearance.
19. Learn not to be preoccupied about work even while at home. Give your undivided attention to the task at hand, to kids when you are at home, to the work, when you are in office.
20. Keep your meetings over zoom and teams to save time and effort. This makes you more efficient.
21. Wake up during early hours and work as it increases your productivity. But best thing is to allot that time to your personal routine, -exercise, meditation, coffee etc.

Story first published: Friday, December 2, 2022, 17:05 [IST]
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