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Is Life Really Easier For Attractive People?

Pretty privilege is real and I think all of us have either experienced it or seen it happen right in front of our eyes. Either way, it is real - science seems to agree too.

Basically, pretty privilege refers to the idea that people deemed attractive by social standards have greater advantages and opportunities than those who are considered less attractive.

A number of studies have examined the relationship between aesthetic beauty and moral judgments, referred to as the beauty is good stereotype. Some studies have demonstrated that similar areas of the brain are involved in recognizing good looks and good intentions [1].

According to another study, attractive individuals are more likely to acquire resources and have greater reproductive success than others throughout the world [2].

Is Life Easier For Attractive People?

The points mentioned below may just help you understand why pretty people have it better (or not):

Point 1: According to an article published by Vice, pretty privilege may have evolutionary purposes. The more symmetrical the face, the more attractive, conventionally, a person should be, and symmetry generally correlates with biological strength [3].

Point 2: A symmetrical face, which conforms to what society believes is a good-looking face, may indicate strong and healthy genes. So evolution would want people to desire these genes in order to survive.

Point 3: Psychologists call the Halo Effect another piece of pretty privilege. If you see one good trait in a person, you associate that good trait with a bunch of other good characteristics. As a general rule, the first good trait we mention is physical beauty." This is why people tend to assume that conventionally beautiful people are also intelligent, funny, or talented as well [4].

Point 4: Additionally, the psychologist noted that looking good can have the opposite effect, especially for women. For example, people might assume that because a woman is so attractive, she must be shallow or stupid.

Point 5: Moreover, it was highlighted that when people are treated in a certain manner, they develop the necessary skill sets. As a result of that positive view of themselves and the development of better self-confidence, they sometimes develop other skill sets which assist in gaining even more positive reinforcement from others.

Point 6: Although the Halo Effect is arguably most prominent in the case of pretty people, it applies to all positive traits, including intelligence, kindness, and generosity.

On A Final Note...

People make assumptions to make sense of the world because their minds are constantly searching for short cuts to understand their environment. When they group positive traits together, they assume that pretty people are also good people.

There is no evidence that pretty people are necessarily nicer, healthier, funnier, or smarter, however it seems that many may end up trying to live up to people's expectations.

Story first published: Friday, November 25, 2022, 16:30 [IST]
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