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Yoga Vs Gym: Which One Is Better For You?

By Rashi Shah
Yoga Better Than Gym Workout; Here's why | जिम से बेहतर है योगा, जानिए क्यूँ | Boldsky

For quite some time now, an argument about which is better between gymming and yoga has been prevalent in the minds of everyone. Some claim that since ages, yoga has been offering a way of leading a healthy lifestyle.

On the other hand, there are other people who claim that gymming is the perfect solution to build a good and fit body and achieve quicker results.

While there can be no direct comparison between the two of them, there are some advantages and disadvantages that both offer.

Let's list down some of the important factors and discuss the role of both gymming and yoga with respect to those factors to analyse in an easy manner, which of the two would work better for you.

1. Digestion

This is one of the major factors that need to be discussed when talking about differences between yoga and gymming. Yoga is an activity that revives you and helps in digestion. Gymming, on the other hand, is more rigorous and known to increase one's hunger more than normal and can lead to overeating by people after a workout session at a gym.

2. Health Benefits

Different types of yoga provide different kinds of health benefits. It not only helps in strengthening and toning and increases flexibility, but also rejuvenates your mind. Gym sessions, on the other hand, are mostly for muscle toning and other outer physical benefits, rather than mental stimulation.

3. Refreshment

After a good yoga session, you feel fresh and energetic. You derive absolute mental peace. Whereas, a gym session often leads to fatigue and sore body parts. Gym sessions are way more tiring than yoga sessions, even if the latter ones are more stretched and longer. If you're looking for both mental and physical benefits, then yoga is the thing for you.

4. Cost

Gym sessions are usually costlier than yoga sessions. Even if you don't take a membership and work out at home, you require gymming equipment to practice gym exercises. On the contrary, yoga does not require any such special workout equipment. You can just choose a spot of your choice that offers some space and that's it! You're all set to practice various asana positions without much cost.

5. Training

In the initial stages of gymming, you require a trainer with you to make sure you practice each exercise correctly, for an appropriate amount of time without going wrong as any mistake can lead to some damage. As far as yoga is concerned, it is easy to learn and in today's day and age even YouTube can help you learn various asanas beneficial for various body parts.

6. Weight Loss

Yoga can help you with losing weight but it takes a longer period of time than gymming. If your only reason to work out is losing weight, then gymming can help you do that in lesser time than yoga and can help you in achieving a fit body by getting rid of any extra fat.

7. Lean Or Muscular?

Yoga is the thing for you if you're looking to remain fit and achieve a lean body type. It stimulates your mind, body, and soul with minimal efforts. But if you're looking for a muscular physique then gymming is the way to go. It helps in strengthening and bulking your muscles up to achieve a stronger and more muscular physique.

8. Stress

Yoga is widely known for its stress-buster qualities. It is a great way to get rid of that family, office, or academic pressure while benefiting your body at the same time. While gymming leads you towards a fitter body, it does not offer any such stress-buster qualities.

9. Demographic Factors

Yoga is diverse in nature and anyone, irrespective of any demographic factor, can practice yoga. There are different types of asanas available for people of different age groups and other physical factors. To work out at a gym, you need to be of a certain age group and not everyone is eligible to have a rigorous gym session.


Yoga helps in a lot of things that gymming cannot, but it delivers results over a period of time. It takes longer to achieve results with yoga. However, with gym sessions, you can achieve results at a much more quicker pace than yoga. The time gymming takes to deliver a fitter body is lesser than the time yoga takes to deliver the same.

Despite these major differences in yoga and gymming, one cannot state which is better than the other. It all comes down to the goals you are looking at while planning your work out sessions.

Consider these differences between the two and make a wise decision as to which one is better for you and which one you wish to adopt in order to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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