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Do You Know These 9 Foods That Increase Blood Pressure?

By Staff
Do You Know These 9 Foods That Increase Blood Pressure? | Boldsky

There's a reason why high blood pressure is considered dangerous.

It can damage the walls of your arteries over time, especially the small ones, leading to organ failure or heart abnormalities.

So, if you are currently suffering from high blood pressure or are borderline hypertensive, the following list of 9 foods that increase blood pressure will definitely be beneficial to you.


#1 Canned Products

From canned beans to canned tuna, all canned products are saturated with salt to prevent them from going bad while they sit on the shelf of grocery stores. And since excess sodium in your blood increases your blood volume, which in turn increases your blood pressure, you should definitely remove it from your diet if you are hypertensive.


#2 Foods Rich in Fats

Fatty foods increase your body's cholesterol load, which causes hardening of arterial walls. Since this is responsible for increasing your blood pressure, you should definitely cut out such foods from your diet and instead increase the number of fruits and vegetables you have as their high-fiber and polyunsaturated fat content is good for maintaining your blood pressure.


#3 Alcohol

One glass of wine or a beer is not going to send your blood pressure shooting to the danger zone. But if you regularly binge of alcohol, you are definitely inviting trouble in the hypertension department.


#4 Coffee

Ever squeezed the mouth of a water pipe and made it spurt water faster? That's exactly what happens to your body when you drink coffee.

Since caffeine in coffee is known to cause constriction of your blood vessels, this, in turn, causes a spike in your blood pressure, which is dangerous for those already suffering from hypertension.


#5 Whole Milk

Whole milk is rich in fats, especially that obtained from buffaloes and goats. This is known to increase blood pressure. So it's best if you steer clear of this.


#6 Cheese

Processed cheese is packed with salt to give it that sharp, tangy taste. And while some varieties of cheese, like mozzarella and emmental, are not as salty, most varieties of cheese are, especially cheddar, feta, and edam.


#7 Sugary Foods

You know that too much sugar in your food can cause diabetes and obesity. But what you probably don't know is that too much sugar can also precipitate hypertension over time as central fat is known to harden blood vessels and reduce their flexibility.


#8 Processed Meat

There are two reasons why processed meat is bad for you if you have high blood pressure.

One, it is saturated with preservatives, especially salt, which is known to cause spikes in blood pressure.

And two, processing meat increases the concentration of bad fats in them, which increases your blood cholesterol level and over time causes arterial hardening.


#9 Pickles

The process of pickling uses a lot of salt as that prevents perishable fruits, veggies, and meat from rotting. That's why the flesh of pickled food always contains an extraordinary amount of salt, which is super bad for anyone who has high blood pressure.

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