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9 Best Foods For Healthy Kidneys
They say you do not realize the worth of each breath until it is taken away from you. Such is the case with your kidneys too. Why? Because without healthy kidneys, your body would become a cesspool of toxic wastes and ...
Best Foods For Healthy Kidneys

How To Reduce Inflammation In The Body Fast: 8 Tips
When your body comes in contact with a foreign body, allergen, or toxic chemical, it elicits a reaction from the immune system of your body. This reaction is known as inflammation. And while inflammation is good for the body in most ...
Do You Know These 9 Foods That Increase Blood Pressure?
There's a reason why high blood pressure is considered dangerous. It can damage the walls of your arteries over time, especially the small ones, leading to organ failure or heart abnormalities. So, if you are currently suffering from high blood pressure ...
Foods That Increase Blood Pressure
10 Reasons Why You Are Having Frequent Headaches
You are sitting in front of your computer when you feel the first pound. Was that...? You wonder and go still for three seconds. *Crickets* So you go back to work with a frown settling on your face. That's when you ...
Here’s What You Should Do If You Have PCOS
In the history of humankind, every age had its unique set of crises. And polycystic ovarian syndrome (a.k.a PCOS) happens to be one of the crises of this modern age with at least 5-10% women in the world suffering from this ...
9 Symptoms Of Bladder Infection And 5 Ways To Prevent It
The urinary bladder is a remarkable organ. It expands like a balloon to hold your pee, is lined by cells that prevent urine from leaking out, and is capable of preventing bacteria from colonizing it. But did you know that holding ...
Symptoms Of Bladder Infection Prevention Tips
Stomach Flu Or Food Poisoning: Which One Do You Have?
When you are exploding out of both ends, you don't really care whether you have the stomach flu or food poisoning. And while the symptoms of both are pretty similar, it pays to know the culprit behind your suffering, as the ...
9 Simple Home Remedies To Reduce High Blood Pressure
Hypertension, most popularly known as high blood pressure, is a condition that most of the population in the world is facing right now. High blood pressure can lead to stroke, heart attacks, loss of vision and also can affect the kidneys ...
Home Remedies High Blood Pressure
9 Surprising Facts About Common Cold You Never Knew!
Most of us would have experienced a common cold at least a few times in our lives, right? Common cold is one of the most prevalent conditions among people of every age and gender around the globe and it holds true ...

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