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How To Reduce Inflammation In The Body Fast: 8 Tips

When your body comes in contact with a foreign body, allergen, or toxic chemical, it elicits a reaction from the immune system of your body. This reaction is known as inflammation.

And while inflammation is good for the body in most cases because it cuts off infection and toxins from entering the body, if it turns chronic, it turns against the body and starts causing damage to the self, which includes causing cancer and autoimmune diseases.

So, if you are wondering how to reduce inflammation in the body fast, here are 8 ways that will help you do that.


#1 Add Antioxidant-Rich Foods To Your Diet

Inflammation produces a lot of free radicals in the body, which are known to induce aging and organ damage. Since antioxidants scavenge and remove these toxins from your body, eating more antioxidant-rich food, like fruits and vegetables, is a great way to reduce inflammation in the body.

Here's a complete list of potent antioxidant-rich foods.


#2 Cook Your Meals With Turmeric

If you are an Indian, this point will sound like a no-brainer to you. But if you are not, here are the reasons why adding some turmeric to your food is a good idea:-

  • It is a potent antioxidant.
  • It has strong antimicrobial properties.
  • It can boost your immunity and improve your general health.
  • If you are not too fond of eating yellow food and curries, you can reap the benefits of turmeric by drinking a glass of turmeric milk every day before bed.

    Here's a simple recipe for turmeric milk.


#3 Count Your Glasses Of Wine

Studies have shown that a glass of wine every day has some mild anti-inflammatory effect on the body. But when you drink any more than that, it leads to the opposite.

So, mind the number of glasses of wine you drink.


#4 Drink Green Tea

While green tea won't succeed in solving deep-seated problems, this drink's soothing effect on your mind and body can help you reduce chronic inflammation to some extent.


#5 Have More Probiotics

Probiotics are edible food products that contain beneficial bacteria in them, which colonize your gut and prevent growth of pathogenic bacteria. This improves your gut health and reduces inflammation in the body.


#6 Stay Away From Unhealthy Food

Unhealthy foods, like sugary and deep-fried foods, are known to cause chronic inflammation in the body, especially the gut. So, cut them out of your diet if you are suffering from a long, drawn-out spell of inflammation.


#7 Get Proper Sleep

Your brain needs adequate sleep to function on full steam. So, if you are sleeping too less because of work or are so stressed out that you are unable to sleep, you will soon develop signs of inflammation, especially inflammation in the brain.

foods that will help you fall asleep faster at night.


#8 Take Care Of Your Mental Health

Excessive stress and anxiety are known to cause a lot of health problems in the body and induce a mental-health crisis. But did you know that they are also responsible for chronic inflammation?

So, if you are unhappy or stressed out, you should seek therapy or start meditating for the peace of your mind.

Story first published: Wednesday, March 28, 2018, 17:33 [IST]
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