This Is Why Unexpected Weight Loss Can Be Dangerous!

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Trying to lose weight in order to look fitter is something many people yearn for, irrespective of age and gender, right? Well, you must also make yourself aware that drastic weight loss can cause many health issues.

Now, it is a fact that maintaining a healthy weight is very healthy, as being overweight or obese can cause a number of health problems.

Some of the most common sideeffects of being overweight are joint pain, risk of obesity, risk of diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, etc.

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Apart from that, being overweight can also cause a person to lose his/her confidence, as being slim and fit is considered to be attractive in today's society.

So, many people try to follow extreme diet and exercise regimes, in order to lose weight quickly, thus putting their health at risk.

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Also, in some other cases, sudden weight loss can occur as a symptom of certain diseases or a sideeffect of surgeries or injuries.

Here is why sudden, unexpected weight loss can be dangerous.


1. Malnutrition

When people starve themselves in order to lose weight quickly, their body will not receive enough nutrients, leading to a serious condition known as malnutrition, which could even result in death!


2. Sarcopenia

Sarcopenia is a condition in which your muscle tissues begin to waste away and muscle loss occurs, due to extreme weight loss, as the body makes use of the muscle tissue to draw energy, when there is no proper nutrition.

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3. Cancer

Many research studies have claimed that certain types of cancers can cause weight loss; however, extreme weight loss can also cause cancer as it may stimulate the abnormal multiplication of cells.


4. Peptic Ulcer Disease

When there are ulcers in your stomach, you can experience sudden weight loss, so it could be a sign of peptic ulcer disease, which may require immediate medical attention.


5. Depression

Sudden weight loss may also give rise to depression in many people, especially if they starve themselves to lose weight, as it can affect the serotonin levels in the brain.


6. Congestive Heart Disease

When the heart is unable to pump enough blood and oxygen to the rest of the body, it can cause congestive heart disease. So, sudden weight loss can weaken your heart muscles, leading to this disorder.


7. Premature Ageing

Sudden weight loss can deplete the nutrient levels in your body, thus leading to the premature ageing of cells.

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