Types Of Anorexia

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Anorexia is one dangerous disease that transforms even the most good looking person into a skeleton. Yes, anorexia kills.

This disorder is more about how a person sees onself. Often, its about having a distorted self image. Even a slim person might see himself or herself overweight and may start eating less.

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There are two types of this disorder. Irrespective of the type, if a person shows signs of depression and barely eats and loses lots of weight, it is important to take that person to the doctor. Read on to know more...


Restrictive Anorexia

People suffering from this type of anorexia simply restrict themselves. They barely eat food even when they become extremely thin.


Binge-Purge Anorexia

People suffering from this disorder tend to eat a lot. But after eating, they tend to feel guilty for over eating. Then they force themselves to vomit. This way, they throw up everything that was eaten.

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Fact #3

Binge-Purge anorexia harms the digestive system. Forcibly vomiting could affect the esophagus. Some try to use laxatives excessively to get rid of the food they ate. Over use of laxatives harm the digestive system terribly.


Fact #4

Restrictive anorexia may soon lead to vitamin and mineral deficiencies, weak bones, muscle loss, depression and many other health issues.


Fact #5

Basically, people suffering from eating disorders have a fear of gaining weight. They hate looking overweight and feel guilty every time they eat. They may gradually suffer depression.

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Fact #6

Though both the genders get affected by anorexia, women are said to be more vulnerable to anorexia. There are some treatment options to save a person from this disorder. Ensuring medical assistance to the victim of anorexia may help.

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