Is Farting Good For Your Health?

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All human beings fart. It is inevitable. Yes, even celebrities fart. Nobody can escape the body's limitations.

The foul smell is actually released gas (hydrogen sulfide) produced by your digestive system. The unpleasant odour makes us hate flatulence but it is part of the body's maintenance routine.

Of course, it is not socially acceptable to release unpleasant odour when you are with someone. But let us discuss how this function of the human body actually helps.


Fact #1

Unreleased gas could cause bloated feeling. You tend to feel heavy and uncomfortable. But when you release the gas, you tend to feel free.


Fact #2

In some cases, foul smelling gas could be an indication of something else which is much more serious.

If gas problems persist for days and months, it could either be a sign of food intolerance or even serious issues like colon cancer!


Fact #3

Surveys say that slim people tend to fart more. Even healthy foods like Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and cabbage can also produce gas.

The good bacteria in your gut need some nutrients and the foods that cause gas have them. So, you cannot stop eating some healthy foods though they may produce gas.


Fact #4

The smell of the released gas could be due to hydrogen sulfide. The smell is bad for health if inhaled in large quantities but when inhaled in small amounts, it can prevent certain health issues!


Fact #5

Postponing nature's calls is unhealthy. In the same way, arresting the gas that wants to escape is bad for your digestive system, especially the colon.

What do you do when you see rotten food stuff in your kitchen? You throw it out, right? Your body tries to do the same though excretion or releasing gas.


Fact #6

The biggest benefit of releasing gas is the relief and mood boost you get instantly.


Fact #7

In some cases, too much of gas could be an indication that you are eating too much. Maybe, you can reduce your consumption.

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Story first published: Thursday, March 9, 2017, 12:26 [IST]
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