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Facts About Vitamin B3

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Niacin is the other name of vitamin B3. Your body needs it mainly to control your cholesterol levels. In fact, niacin has many other roles to play.

Men need 16mg of niacin and women need around 14 mg of this nutrient on a daily basis through diet. The requirements of pregnant women and breastfeeding women tend to vary and only a doctor can tell.

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Those who are suffering from cholesterol issues may need more of niacin through their food. However, if you wish to use supplements, consult a doctor as overdose of this vitamin could also have side effects.


Fact #1

Some of the sources of vitamin B3 include chicken breast, liver, greens, nuts, tuna, green peas, lean red meat and asparagus.


Fact #2

Niacin also plays a role in digestive system. It can boost appetite, keep your skin glowing and also can help in the functioning of nervous system.

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Fact #3

Those who are suffering from skin irritation, digestive issues and weak muscles may need more vitamin B3 as such signs could also indicate its deficiency.


Fact #4

Vitamin B3 also has the reputation of lowering bad cholesterol and maintaining good cholesterol levels. It is said to even prevent atherosclerosis.


Fact #5

Vitamin B3 deficiency could also affect libido and may cause erectile dysfunction. The body needs niacin for healthy erections.


Fact #6

This vitamin also plays a crucial role in turning fats, carbs and proteins into energy.


Fact #7

Niacin is also said to keep blood sugar levels stable. Therefore, it is better to eat foods rich in vitamin B3.

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