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Serious Facts About Osteoporosis

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Your body needs the support of bones and muscles to stand, sit walk or run. What happens when the bones are weak? Well, even sitting, standing or walking becomes a challenge!

Osteoporosis is a dangerous disease that affects your bones. It is nothing but bone loss. When your bones become weak, they may break too.

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Healthy bones are dense. Weak bones are porous. When the spaces inside them widen, they become fragile. Most of the women who are above 50, generally suffer from osteoporosis. Even a minor injury could break a bone when it is fragile.

Here are some more facts.


Fact #1

Statistics indicate that women are more vulnerable to osteoporosis. The vulnerability increases with age after 45. And most commonly, people who are born with small frame tend to be more vulnerable to weak bones.


Fact #2

When the bones become porous, even minor falls could crack the bones and cause serious injuries.

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Fact #3

In some cases, people suffering from osteoporosis may also lose an inch of height. This occurs if the spine has fractures in it.


Fact #4

Low back pain is one symptom which shouldn't be ignored. It could also be due to osteoporosis.


Fact #5

If there are fractures in the spine, the person may also bend a little and may display a hunched posture.

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Fact #6

You need to take more of calcium and vitamin D through your diet in order to prevent osteoporosis. Also, exercise can strengthen bones and prevent this condition.


Fact #7

Consult your doctor and seek advice about the vitamin supplements you require.

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Fact #8

It is better to avoid both alcohol and tobacco if you love your bones.

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Story first published: Saturday, January 21, 2017, 10:19 [IST]
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