Can Steroids Kill Your Manliness?

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Steroids or anabolic steroids are generally abused by people who are into body building and sports. What's it? Well, steroids are nothing but a synthetic form of the male hormone testosterone.

You already know that testosterone is what makes you manly by giving you muscles, male voice, beard and sperm. Taking steroids is almost like taking testosterone artificially.

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When you disturb your body's natural hormonal balance, the negative effects could be devastating. Then why do bodybuilders take it? Well, it makes them bigger and powerful.

As anabolic steroids can speed up muscle growth, men who wish to look big and strong tend to abuse it. But here are some quick facts about steroids...


Fact #1

In men, abuse of anabolic steroids could cause infertility, impotence, low sperm count and shrinkage of testicles.


Fact #2

Some men may also develop breasts due to abuse of steroids. Also, erection will turn painful and this may ruin bed life.

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Fact #3

Women who abuse steroids may develop hair on the body and face. Also, the voice might change and sound deep.


Fact #4

In some women, the menstrual cycles may get disturbed and the breast size may diminish. There are certain other unfavourable changes that could occur in the private parts.

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Fact #5

In some teenagers, steroid abuse could stop the growth of bones. This may prevent them from becoming tall. And in teenage girls, abuse of steroids could result in masculinization.


Fact #6

Other side effects in both men and women include: baldness, acne, oily skin, jaundice, risk of heart attack, liver failure, mood swings, rage, delusions, cholesterol issues and reproductive issues.

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Fact #7

If steroids is so dangerous, why do doctors prescribe it in some cases? Well, in order to treat a medical condition, steroids may be prescribed by doctors. But even that could cause certain side effects. Doctors may use it to treat delayed puberty or improper testicular function. But the side effects can't be ruled out even in such cases.

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