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Are All Bodybuilders Healthy?

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The sight of a sculpted body is hair-rising. Muscular men can grab eye balls wherever they go. And when it comes to bodybuilders, we love them so much as they are our symbols of strength and health.

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But are all bodybuilders healthy? Well, working out regularly is a healthy thing to do. Looking fit is a really good for health.

But when it comes to professional bodybuilding, it isn't a bed of roses as the competition is about looking muscular and doing whatever it takes to build them before the competition.

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Sometimes, the body can cope up with the stress and sometimes, it may not. When bodybuilders take things to extremes, it could surely be unhealthy. Here are some more facts.


Fact #1

Any serious bodybuilder needs to undergo a lot of hell to look big and muscular. Sometimes, the training could go over the board and cause several complications.


Fact #2

Generally, most of the sportsmen tend to be healthy and fit all the time but bodybuilders get stressed and dehydrated by the time they prepare and attend a competition thanks to their grueling preparations that tax their whole systems.


Fact #3

Some bodybuilders focus more on building the body in a certain way to look good on the surface but they tend to ignore the health aspect of the body as winning a competition requires external looks more than the internal condition.


Fact #4

As the human body mass increases, the heart needs to work extra hard to pump blood to the vast area. This might also cause heart issues.


Fact #5

Some sources say that some of the bodybuilders tend to suffer high BP and cholesterol issues mainly due to their heavy diets that are inevitable to build the size.


Fact #6

Though most of the bodybuilders look like icons of health and strength, some of them are not really healthy inside though they showcase the muscles externally. When health is ignored and only muscles are focused on, it could harm a person in the long run.


Fact #7

Those of the bodybuilders who use steroids or certain harmful supplements pay a heavy price in terms of health.

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Story first published: Wednesday, May 11, 2016, 8:50 [IST]
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