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Cook White Rice The Healthy Way If You Wish To Stay Slim

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Let us admit it. Most of us eat white rice more than any other food even though we know that brown rice is healthier. When we are not able to stay away from it why not try a different method to cook it so that it becomes a healthy option?

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Well, rice gives you energy if it is properly utilised by your body. But if it isn't properly burnt, then you may end up putting on weight very fast.

Let us quickly look at what it contains. Rice is 90% carb, 2% fat and 8% of protein. And then it also has niacin, thiamine, folic acid, iron, selenium, manganese, phosphorous and magnesium too.

Rice contains both digestible starch and resistant starch. If you cook it the right way, you can prevent putting on weight after eating white rice.

How to cook: Get a mud pot and boil two glasses of water. When the water is hot, add 2 and a half spoons of coconut oil. After a minute, add a glass of raw white rice to the boiling water. Now, reduce the flame and slow cook the rice for 30 minutes. Once it is cool, place it in the fridge for 12 hours. Eat the rice after that.

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Many sources say that the oil in the rice can transform the digestible starch into what is known as resistant starch and this will help you prevent the weight gains. Now, let us know about the other benefits of rice in general.


Benefit #1

Rice contains resistant starch which is favourable to healthy bacteria that ease your
bowel movements.


Benefit #2

Rice husk contains diuretic properties. That is why it is used as a remedy for dysentery. Also, rice is good for digestion.


Benefit #3

Rice bran oil is said to be heart healthy. When it comes to rice, choose brown rice to keep your heart healthy.


Benefit #4

Rice contains riboflavin, thiamine, iron, fibre, calcium, vitamin D and niacin. These nutrients are important for your health and immune system.


Benefit #5

Brown rice contains fibre that is said to prevent certain types of cancer. It also contains antioxidants.


Benefit #6

The nutrients present in rice are good for the growth of neurotransmitters in the brain. That is why it can prevent Alzheimer's too.


Benefit #7

As it is rich in carbohydrates, it provides you energy. That is why it has become our staple food.


Benefit #8

Rice doesn't contain cholesterol or sodium. people with blood pressure issues can consume it.

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