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Are Bananas With Black Spots Healthy?

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Most of us hate the mere sight of black spotted bananas. And when they are ripe, they look more repulsive. We might even throw them away to avoid eating them. But what if they are good for health?

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Well, health experts say that these black spotted bananas also offer health benefits. So, you don't need to avoid them. You can use them in your smoothies or simply eat them directly instead of throwing them in your dust bin.

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In a survey, many people admitted that they generally throw ripe bananas which have black spots on them. So, let us know about their health benefits.


Benefit #1

Spotty bananas contain potassium. It helps minimise the muscle cramps during your cycles.


Benefit #2

Certain foods can irritate your insides when you are suffering from ulcers but bananas are soothing and easily digestible.


Benefit #3

They contain iron. Your blood cells need iron. These bananas can also prevent anemia.


Benefit #4

Yes, they boost your energy levels instantly. They are also good for your muscles.


Benefit #5

Tryptophan is an amino acid that is present in bananas. It is important for the production of serotonin. So, eating bananas can prevent depression.


Benefit #6

If your bowel movements are improper, try eating these bananas regularly. They are good for your digestive system.


Benefit #7

Instead of relying on antacids, eating these spotty bananas can heal your heartburn.


Benefit #8

Your body needs enough potassium to maintain healthy BP. Eating these bananas can help your body maintian healthy blood pressure.

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