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Why Meat And Liquor Are Bad

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When consumed regularly, alcohol can damage your digestive system, liver and brain. Yes, alcohol dependence can kill sooner than any other health issue.

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And then there are some sources which claim that drinking alcohol along with meat and other animal products like cheese could be even more dangerous.

Animal products along with alcohol seem to cause inflammation and they are said to speed up the liver damage.

As your liver needs to function very efficiently to do its daily job of filtering toxins, weakening it with alcohol and animal products could spell danger.

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Mixing alcohol and meat (or cheese) consumption could be toxic to the liver according to certain studies. Both of them could damage the liver on a a faster rate.


Effect #1

Endo-toxins can cause inflammation. When alcohol and meat are consumed together, the endo-toxin levels in your body may go high.


Effect #2

The fat content in cheese and meat are also a heavy load to your liver. They too may contribute to inflammation.


Effect #3

Animal products like cheese, eggs and meat do contain fat; and the problem with fat is that it can also raise the levels of endo-toxins in your body.


Effect #4

The cholesterol levels in the animal foods may also trouble your liver and when you eat them with liquor, the burden on your liver increases.


Effect #5

The high levels of iron content in meat may sometimes lead to excess levels of iron in your body and this may harm your liver.


Effect #6

Though researchers are not sure how the combination of meat and alcohol hurts your system, they are sure that both of them are bad for your health in the long run.


Effect #7

Also, alcohol tends to increase the acid levels in your system and the same applies to certain meat and dairy products. They may end up keeping your system acidic all the time.

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