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International No Diet day- Diets Don't Matter!

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Do you love your body? Do you love to eat food? Well, when the whole world is becoming more and more obsessive with staying slim and dieting, you tend to feel guilty to even enjoy your favourite foods.

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That is what the media and the people around us made us believe; but today is International No Diet day! This day is celebrated to remind us of body acceptance and fat acceptance.

There are various body types. Our focus should mainly be on maintaining a healthy body and not not on how much we eat. Too much of focus in staying slim or depriving yourself of foods in the name of dieting is unhealthy.

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This day is all about embracing your body type, respecting its uniqueness, being comfortable under one's skin and promoting a healthy lifestyle without depriving ourselves of nutritious food.


Goal #1

The first goal is to basically question the concept of the right body-shape.


Goal #2

The second goal is to raise awareness among people about fat phobia, size bias and weight discrimination.


Goal #3

The main goal is to spend at least a day in the entire year without obsessing about body weight. This is a day to eat your favourite food without feeling guilty.


Goal #4

Another goal of celebrating this day is to look at the actual facts about the commercial slimming diets that never work.


Goal #5

Also, people with eating disorders or those who have been victims of weight loss surgeries are honoured on this day.


Goal #6

The last and the important goal is to eradicate weight discrimination once for all.

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